A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 3, Part 2

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After a long, tiring day walk to some of Guangzhou’s attractions, we went back to Dishipu Lu for dinner. We saw this cafe that look like HK char chan teng inside the mall at Changshou Lu Station, decorated in orange hues and decided to give it a try. That was the first time I tried char siew in Guangzhou but unfortunately, the waitress didn’t allow us to take any photos. What a bummer… Anyway, the food were just so so… my char siew came in thick pieces and were rather hard. Talking about double disappointment.

After dinner, we went to the pedestrian shopping street further up of Dishipu Lu, also known as Xia Jiulu/Shang Jiulu (Up Down Nine Street). It’s in one of the oldest part of the city, where the buildings retain elements of both Western and Chinese architecture. It’s a good place to look for discounted clothing. I was rather amazed by the crowd (can’t sense any signs of recession here at all!).

Before we leave the place, we dropped by this place which was recommended by LonelyPlanet called Nanxin (Famous Nanxin Steamed Egg Whites with Milk). The desserts range from 5 Yuan – 12 Yuan while dishes in between 8 Yuan – 15 Yuan. Their specialty, obviously is the Steamed Egg Whites with Milk (shuangpinai) but the weather that night was rather humid and warm, so we opted for something cooling instead.

CK had the Boiled Snow Fungus with Papaya which was quite good. The snow fungus were boiled till tender and big chunks of sweet papaya were given. The sweetness of the syrup was just nice.

I had the chilled Mango and Grass Jelly with Coconut Milk. The grass jelly cubes were rather chunky and a little bitter but the mango cubes balanced out the bitterness of the grass jelly. The combination went rather well with the coconut milk.

47, Dishipu Lu (further up from Lian Xiang Lou)

Business hour: 10am – midnight
Tel: (86) 8138 9904

*to be continued…. last part up next!

9 thoughts on “A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 3, Part 2

  1. I hate it when they don’t allow us to take photo!! What kind of attitude is that….I will usually be frustrated and probably no second time…hehe

    The desserts look lovely! =)

  2. Little Inbox,
    Yummy indeed.

    Yeah… the waitress dash over quickly when she saw us with camera.

    If the food are good, I don’t mind going back. Just no picture. If it’s bad, then no second time.

  3. It’s been a while since I last visited Guang Zhou, more than 10 years. Forgotten how it’s like. But don’t recall it looking the way it does (from your pics).

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