A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 3, Part 1

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The sun was shining brightly the next day. Lucky for us as we planned to explore the city centre a bit and so, we headed to one of the oldest Chinese restaurant for dim sum breakfast.

I couldn’t recall where did I get the information but there was this particular site recommended a few famous restaurants with reputable history. Founded in 1889, Lin Heong Lau (Lian Xiang Lou) was said to be famous for its tasty dim sum. We took Metro from Fangcun and exited at Chang Shou Lu Station. From the station, head right towards Dishipu Lu.

Having dim sum in Guangzhou is like a char chan teng affair. The waitress will pass you a piece of paper with available items and pricing. All you need to do is tick the items you want, pass it back to the waitress and wait for your food to arrive.

The fried crullers (yau char kuey) were passable; they weren’t greasy with crispy exterior and soft inside. Also notice the size, which were slightly shorter than what we have here.

The char siew sou were good with flaky, light and buttery crust, while the char siew filling was moist and fragrant, with a tinge of sweetish aftertaste. Our only gripe was the size, which was rather small.

Came in two pieces per order instead of three, the egg tarts were bigger though. Same buttery crust as the char siew sou with smooth, eggy custard. CK’s commented that the custard was firmer than those we can get here but still, I think that they were pretty nice.

The deep fried yam cake doesn’t scored high with us as they were too hard and dense. They were a little oily as well. A few bites on this and we were kinda jelak with it. Guess it would be better to avoid carbs-loaded items next time.

Their xiu long bao were pretty good as well. Came piping hot with aluminium holder, the skin of the baos were actually quite thin where you can see the silhouette of the colourful ingredients inside the package, but not too thin till it breaks when you pick it up with chopsticks! The broth inside was hot, very flavourful and the pork filling doesn’t have strong porky taste. We love this a lot.

We had some other stuff too like the salted egg bun which were not salty at all, soup wantan and lotus leaf glutinous rice. Too bad their char siew bao were sold out that day.

After stuffing ourselves, we were off to Yuexiu Park, where we can find Five Rams Statue (Wuyang Shixiang), the statue of the five immortals attributed to Guangzhou’s founding and also a famous landmark of Guangzhou. Legend has it that Guangzhou was founded by five immortals who descended from the sky on rams and saved the city from starvation, hence the people built the statue to commemorate their deeds. The park also includes the Ming Dynasty Zhenhai Tower now home to the City Museum with relics dating back to the 15th century. Admission is 5 Yuan for the park.

The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, located on Dongfeng Zhong Lu was huge! The main building is surrounded by gardens from all four directions and one of the four bronze statues of Sun Yat-Sen is placed in front of the building. All four statues were carved in Japan and funded by Dr. Sun’s good friend, Miyazaki Toten.

Some scenery in Guangzhou city centre. The dogs here are quite tame and pampered; you can see their fur were clean and nicely groomed. Even condos and apartments allow their residents to keep pets here.

The famous street for shopping, Beijing Road is a pedestrian-only promenade. You can get fashion brands like Giordano, Yishion and Samuel & Kevin here and popular with tourists. Those lanterns decorating the trees were sponsored by Giordano. There were also a few glass-protected squares along the street where they displayed the artifacts excavated out from the soil when they built this shopping area.

I was practically exhausted from all the walking but CK insisted we visit the oldest Chinese temple in Guangzhou before going back to hostel. Temple of Bright Filial Piety (Guangxiao Si) on Guangxiao Road is not a very big temple and frankly speaking, I can’t sense anything special from it. For more info on it, you can follow the link above.

Lian Xiang Lou
67, Shipu Road,
Liwan District

Business hour: Daily 6.30am-midnight.
Tel: (86) 8139 1191/8139 8297
Only accept cash and local cards.

*to be continued…

18 thoughts on “A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 3, Part 1

  1. the yam cake looks unappetising actually..and smart of them to place the XLB in foils, so you can still get the soup if you accidentally broke the skin. hey, when didnt you pose like dr sun instead? :p

  2. Sugar Bean,
    Most old-school restaurants in GZ have this traditional Chinese feel.

    Thank you~ 🙂

    Haha, it didn’t occur to me to post like that.

    The dim sum in GZ are mostly good, no matter where you go. The only difference is the pricing.

    Little Inbox,
    Hahaha. So your friend is a dim sum lover!

  3. Pureglutton,
    My friend actually printed out the comprehensive tourist guide from LonelyPlanet for the trip, including the train lines.

    Haha, that’s true.

    You’re going? 🙂 Have fun gobbling down dimsum!

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  5. they are really environment friendly. love those fast food chains (KFC, McD) using bicycle instead of motorcycle.

    wish i could stay longer in china >_<

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