Bangi Kopitiam at Port Dickson

I promised J2Kfm last Sunday that I would post something about Port Dickson before he travels there for seminar this coming Wednesday.


Me and another few friends made a trip there few months ago (think it was in April, which Songkran festival was around the corner) and stayed at this Bayu Beach Resort (if not mistaken). We planned to cook ourselves in the resort as one of us were vegetarian, so we brought all sort of ingredients along! But when we first arrived, we were literally hungry and tired, so we hunt for something to bite along the Jalan Pantai and ended up at Bangi Kopitiam. Apparently, Bangi Kopitiam was started by Hamzah Mohd. Taib or Kid, an ex-member of the local Malay band Search in October 2006.


Can’t remember who ordered these but don’t you think the presentation were a bit messy?


The Mee Siam looked rather promising with a big dollop of sambal but the noodles were rather dry.


I wasn’t really hungry, so I just had something cooling. I spied on this cendol called Ali Kutty and decided to give it a try. The syrup they uses wasn’t palm sugar but rather special; the first thing that came into my mind was those brown-coloured coconut sweets wrapped in transparent plastic wrappers. The syrup tastes very similar like it and very thick in texture. But other than some red kidney beans and cendol, I don’t remember there were other ingredients they throw in it.


The scramble eggs were done pretty nicely but the half-boiled eggs came almost hard-boiled. The bread were toasted on grill and had the charcoal smoky flavour to it.


Bangi Kopitiam

No. 3 & 4, Di Saujana Walk,
Batu 4, Jalan Pantai,
71009 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan.
More location here.

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17 thoughts on “Bangi Kopitiam at Port Dickson

  1. The presentation do look a little messy but I didn’t know why, they make me feel so hungry! Ice-cream in bread? Looks nice… But the food is rather average overall..?

  2. Sugar Bean,
    Heh, maybe cos you’ve been missing Asian food in UK? Yeah, the food were rather average here but the cendol is quite special.

  3. ice cream+ roti…ah, something that i’ve not eaten in a longgg time. perhaps it’s time to buy one when i go down to orchard road this week. cos it’s really hot too..haha!

  4. CumiCiki,
    It was so so.

    Overall, the food were mediocre but yes, the cendol was kinda interesting.

    The only fancy thing was the cendol. 🙂
    But I think others might find it weird, like Yammylicious.

    Make them at home! Can have more helpings haha!

    Little Inbox,
    Yep, it was slightly over-cooked.

    Safe journey!

    Yeah-lor, cos we cooked dinner and breakfast the next morning ourselves.

  5. messy is definitely the word for those buns! i had ice-cream with hot dog buns in BKK before, but it was not nice..hoped this was better?

  6. messy buns sure looks a lil messy but ice cream with bread with somethin i can eat at anytime of the day , i used to do it when i was a kid n eventually that habit slowly faded.

    n that mee siam sure looks promising. not sure wht would be the perfect one but the one i had in malacca was a lil too wet for my liking..

  7. Noticed there’s a similar named kopitiam/cafe hear Wangsa Maju. Usually very quiet so I’m not keen to try.

    In PD we prefer to drive 15mins to Lukut for reasonably good cheap food.

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