Ipoh MGS Curry Mee

Lately, I have not been writing anything about Ipoh. Let’s us take a short break from Guangzhou today for something more local and nearer to home.

I got meet up with J2Kfm aka Motormouth again few weeks ago in Ipoh for lunch. I’ve been wanting to have curry noodles, so I suggested Yee Fatt. Popularly known to locals as the “MGS (Methodist Girls’ School) Curry Mee”, the place spans two shop lots and located opposite the school, nearby the Jalan Kampar’s (aka Jalan Permaisuri Bainun) roundabout. When I came here two years ago, there was a stall selling roast pork and char siew, but this time, the stall is no where to be found. Instead, more delicacies were available such as lor mai kai.

The curry gravy was aromatic, thick and not too spicy, while the chicken came with the curry were tender and moist. Roast pork, char siew slices, beansprouts and mint leaves complete the ensemble. However, it is recommended to have it immediately when it reach your table as the noodles will soak up the gravy (especially when you order for rice vermicelli). Or else, just request for more gravy.

Old-school, non-pretentious shop interior add a touch of vintage to your meal. Don’t think we can buy those blue porcelain chopsticks holder anymore nowadays.


39, Jalan Kampar (Jalan Permaisuri Bainun)
Ipoh (opposite Methodist Girls’ School)

Tel: 05-242 1043
Closed on Mondays.

More about Yee Fatt at:

22 thoughts on “Ipoh MGS Curry Mee

  1. I love dry curry noodle. And I’m a slow eater. You’re definitely right, the mee hon will soak up the curry and I’ll ended up having no more curry. 😦 Perhaps next time I’ll eat faster! Haha!

  2. Hahah..Mom’s Alma Matter. There is a restaurant a little further down the road, closer to the market.. Aiya, sorrylah..I don’t know the restaurant’s nor the roads name. It’s known affectionately as “Mong Kang”[apologies to all hainanese;)] in my family.

    J2Kfm : Any idea about the one I am talking about? ROFL…

  3. hi there.

    over the years, quality has dropped in this shop.

    you can try the curry mee in town opposite /adjacent kin kui hakka mee.

    or the one near that famous photoshop in old town. cant remember the name, kok kin?

    or the one in ipoh garden south in the mornings that you have to wait a lifetime for (corner shop opposite end of wijaya)

  4. Sugar Bean,
    Haha! Or opt for other type of noodles.

    I didn’t feel thirsty after the meal… guess the MSG effect wasn’t evident (if there’s any!)

    Medan Gopeng? Malay stall ?

    Opposite the school.

    Yor… liddat how to find ah? Hahaha!

    Opposite Yin Yau Kui is Xin Quan Fang?

    Yeah, that’s Kok Kin.

    Opposite end of Wijaya… was it Sentosa coffee shop?

    I’ll try to look for the shops you mentioned… thanks for the tips!

    He did promote curry mee strongly… 🙂

  5. the one opposite old kin kui (they shifted opposite too) is an acquired taste. think thats the name of the shop, its in the middle of row (nearer to the police station). some like it some dont. order the siew yuk and stuff too.

    the opposite end of wijaya i really cant recall the name of the shop. its the same shop that sells nice chicken wings at nights. the shop faces the old cinema area, not the one the faces the row of houses along the traffic light.

  6. Now I have not heard about this. I fail to get a seat at the Hugh Low one thrice. This one looks a safer bet. But no siew yoke may be a damper.

  7. LFB,
    Yes yes! Guess we have same taste!

    You could do that once you’re graduated and come back to Malaysia. 🙂

    You can try this out when you visit Ipoh next time.

    Unfortunately, no I think.

    The shop behind? I think I know which shop you’re referring to.

    If it’s not oily, it would be dry.

    LOL! We went on Saturday and the school was closed. :p

    The noodles come with siew yuk and char siew. Just remember to go earlier to avoid disappointment.

    Yiling, Eiling,
    The ex-MGS girls! Er… I didn’t know about the curry mee place too till few years back.

  8. Nice pix, nice food, Good job!!!
    I always pass by Perak during journey to Penang. Never really stop over to find good food in Ipoh (beside nasi ayam taugeh, which I dislike nasi ayam nor taugeh), now I found it here in your blog. Thank you.
    Feel free to pay a visit to my blog whenever u r free.

  9. Kititto,
    Hello there, thanks for visiting and your compliments. Now you have more choice to choose from (or rather you know where to get good food in Ipoh other than chicken tauge!).

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