Fantasy, Kopitiam Junction and Ice Ice Baby (Part 2)

Sorry for MIA, my phone line at home was disconnected due to late payment… *broke down on the floor, spotlight from above and cold wind blowing… Whuuuuu….*
So, I’m taking the advantage of office’s Internet access (although it’s darn slow but it’s better than nothing) to post this up, hope my boss didn’t notice it. Hehehe…

*continue from Fantasy, Kopitiam Junction and Ice Ice Baby (Part 1)
So, after our lunch at Fantasy, they wanna go for second round of “yum cha” at Ipoh Parade. Looking for a parking space in Ipoh Parade especially on weekends is such a ‘pain in the ass’ job but luckily, I’m not the person who’s driving.

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Kopitiam Junction – Heard a lot of -ve feedbacks on this ‘another-kopitiam-copycat’ establishment from my colleagues.

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Managed to get a table beside the window but its darn warm as the sun shone directly onto the window panels… so we decided to change to a smaller table. The air conditioner is not working properly either…

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One of my favourite drink, Cucumber Juice with Sour Plum. Others may find its ‘greenish’ smell is too overpowering but I like the refreshing taste.

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This might be one of the worst curry puff I’ve ever eaten. Priced at RM1.50 per piece, there’s no hint of spiciness at all, so you can imagine it’s more like eating potato with onion stew puff. Luckily I just ordered one piece as I tend to get crazy over curry puffs.

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Eddie’s Mashed Potato. He love this very much but I’ll say it’s more like a mashed butter than mashed potato! The amount of butter they added in was way too much, and I got “jelak” after the first try.

That night, I had dinner with my parents and meet up with Jeffrey and Eddie again after that!

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Both of them decided to have their dinner at Ice Ice Baby: Food That Melts Your Heart, a contemporary café which is just opened few months back. Apparently, there’s rumours that this establishment is belonged to Mark Cheng, the HK actor who also owns Flame Steamboat in Penang and Ipoh. Browse through the menu and you’ll come across many funny dishes name such as Stupid Balls (some kind of deep fried finger food). Desserts such as Papaya with Snow Fungus and HK style waffles are also available. Oh, there’s Chocolate and Cheese Fondue too.

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I had my dinner, so I just opt for dessert. Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream, sad to say, it’s semi-melted. The blueberries are not even chilled…

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Baked Chicken Bolognese Rice with Cheese, RM7.90. I took one bite of the dish and I would say it’s nothing special about it. The minced chicken given certainly are not enough for glutton like me 😛

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Aiyo… Ok ok, this is mine… Spicy Italian Minced Chicken Bolognese Noodle, RM7.90. Hehehe.. Somehow, I can’t resist the temptation of eating under these circumstances: a) They left the menu on the table and b) My makan kaki kept showing his/her happy face while enjoying the food in front of me. Garnished with a dollop of whipped cream, the noodle spiciness is ok but tastes just so-so. *Imagine bolognese spaghetti with plenty of tabasco dressing*.

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Baked Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice with Cheese, RM7.90. I didn’t try it as my tummy is fully stuffed but I guess this is better than the bolognese rice and noodle. At least there’s some vegetable cubes in there…

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If you’re coming with a bunch of friends, you can choose to sit at the private room as this one, although it is not completely ‘private’, I guess.

Kopitiam Junction
Ground Floor, Opposite Starbucks
Ipoh Parade
Tel: 05-255 1707

Ice Ice Baby (Ipoh Branch)
13, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-241 1311

Ice Ice Baby (Penang Branch)
411A, Burmah Road,
Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Tel: 04-227 4288

16 thoughts on “Fantasy, Kopitiam Junction and Ice Ice Baby (Part 2)

  1. lolz….i never tried the food in Ice ice baby b4 and I dun really like their choc fondue. Hm speaking about Kopitiam establishments, me and durianberry had been to such an outlet in Yik Foong. Almost every table had nissin noodle and its huge! We saw the cook chuck 2 packet of noodles into the pot. We saw the price was RM2.50! Our eyes practically popped out. lolz…Dunno betul anot wan.

  2. LotsOfCravings: Ehh.. how come I am too hot to melt the ice? 😛

    Jian: I never tried choc fondue, would like to try it one day. Haha, the one at Yik Foong is not the Old Town Kopitiam, it’s another ‘copycat’. That’s so cheap, did you guys tried it?

  3. only been to ice ice baby in Pg, not that good either. If i’m not wrong, it’s opened by one of the team member of HK band Grasshopper (calvin choy?)..saw his photos everywhere in the shop

  4. SC: Mark Cheng is just a rumour, I’m not sure who opened that as well. There’s no picture of Calvin Choy here though…

    Lyrical Lemongrass: I might go back to try their desserts but no more main course for me.

  5. i like the environment of ice-ice baby, but the food there is a bit too expensive. as for the kopitiam junction, eerrk! been there once and found the cafe stuffy and warm. those oily smoke from the kitchen nearly suffocated me! pah pah!!

  6. No lor!!! Aiyoh *sakit hati* that night you were goin to bring us to tong sui kai mar…we see soo big bowl, din dare to makan : P Eat ady can still eat other food meh. haih…

  7. actually the most special dessert in ice ice bay is the ‘Lou Yeah’. It is an icy coconut milk or mango syrup on your favorite with fruit topping of your choice too….so sad that day 3 of us also din try.

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