Mother’s Day: Home Made Steamboat

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Well, we didn’t have a big celebration this year, just an usual steamboat at home. Let’s see what we had:

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White beancurd, stuffed with fish paste.

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Mixed fishballs, pork balls, tang kwai fish balls, green chillies, fu pei (beancurd sheet) etc.

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Chicken meat.

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Lady’s fingers, stuffed with fish paste.

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Only have calamari and prawns here…

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Enoki and abalone mushrooms.

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Yo… throw the ingredients into the boiling broth, stir for few minutes and they’re ready to eat.

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Complete the meal with some garlic oil with fried shallots and Lenggong cili padi sauce (bird’s eye chilli sauce). **Will blog about the chilli sauce later on.

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The “yellow ladies” in action. :p Left: Mom. Right: Younger sis.

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The “lou yeh” (master) busy enjoying his meal. The kid? Someone else’s daughter, we just help to babysit her. Not my sister la πŸ™‚

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Was thinking to upload my younger brother’s pic but he stepped on my feet… Budak jahat. Anyway, just a quick view on the dining table. And yes, that’s rice cooker. We’re just learning from the Hongkies…. Hehehe.

24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Home Made Steamboat

  1. very homely meal..nice..but if i haven scrolled down further i thought you guys were eating yong tau foo!..wouldnt it be nice if there was chee cheong fun and lots of tim cheong ler?

  2. Wah….so good to hv steamboat at home!!! But i guess its much more better in the air-con room especailly in this hot weather! Bird’s eye chilli sauce? sounds interesting!!

  3. Wah! Yum yum πŸ˜€ The only time we did the steamboat in a rice cooker is at Cameron Highlands. Much lighter to carry and works just as good. The Lenggong chili sauce is a hit with my family. Hehe. Thanks for bringing me to buy it. Dad says it’s like Nando’s Peri-peri sauce. I say it’s 100x better. We used it for almost everything.. the salted chicken, siu yoke and tom yam! Can you believe it. Haha.

  4. IpohChai: I suggested to go steamboat outside but they don’t want, scare of crowds. So, do at home lo. πŸ™‚

    LotsOfCravings: Hahaha, cos normally beancurd for steamboat are just plain isit? And these are stuffed. Chee cheong fun with steamboat? Sounds exotic!

    MeiYen: They were very smooth! Thanks, same to you too.

    WMW: Actually mom will volunteer to cook them as she cannot sit still to enjoy her meal πŸ™‚

    Precious Pea, Babe_KL: You also say like that ar? Many people said that we look alike but I can’t notice. Yeah, many food and at the end, cannot finish all.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: My younger brother… Got people once ask him, am I his younger brother. HAhaha!! Nop, he look older πŸ˜›

    Jackson: They refuse to go out for steamboat, so have to bear with the hot weather lo… Yeah, will blog about the bird’s eye chilli sauce soon, stay tuned!

    Durianberry: I’m looking forward to have steamboat in cold weather leh. Glad that you and your family love the chilli sauce. Tom yam also use it?? Wahlau…

  5. Tummythoz: Hehe… After my family tried the Lenggong chilli sauce, we never go back to Kg. Koh ones! Can can, how many bottles you guys want?? Register with me at Yahoo Group la πŸ™‚

  6. Yeahhhh Ipoh mari!!! hahahaha Ipoh mari sure know how to make yong tau foo one. Before my granddad had the stroke, he always makes them for us.

  7. the Lady’s fingers and the White beancurd were home made ? same thing happen to me xiulongbao, drooling~ we have home cooked food too, on the mother’s day. i just got it posted only today.

  8. Teckiee, xiulongbao: Yeah, I prefer yong tau foo than those prefried ones… cos somehow, I can taste something like smoke smell on them… Errr…

    fried-tomato: Bought from market and we stuffed them ourselves. I’ll hop over to read yours later πŸ˜‰

  9. alamak!!! after a year only i found out tat you had posted my such an ugly photo!!! never want to go mdn gopeng fetch you anymore when you’re back!

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