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I was tagged by “kah jie” WMW on describing one of my favourite food few days ago. I usually just know how to eat, what to eat and where to eat but now that you ask me “What’s my favourite food?”, I’ll be like “Errr…. wait a minute” or “Darn, lemme think about it”!

My answer? Ais Kacang, that’s it.

When I was in primary school, I used to went for tuition classes in town at night. My mom’s ex-boss (I just call her Auntie) will come and pick me after my class ended at 10pm, as her house is nearby to my tuition centre. Sometimes, she’ll bring me to Tong Sui Kai for dessert before my dad come to her house to bring me home. As a kid, I like all things associated with ice and peanuts. That’s how I started to fall in love with ais kacang until now.

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The colourful presentation of the ais kacang mostly are derived from the ingredients used such as grass jelly (black), cendol (green), sweet cream corn (yellow), red bean/kidney bean (maroon), jellies (red, yellow, green), sago(translucent white), peanuts (beige), red syrup (pinkish red) and gula melaka (brown). As the ingredients varies from one stall to another, some people also add in attap chee or palm fruit, nata de coco (white), fruits, chocolate syrup and Sarsaparilla (Sarsi) syrup. According to floggers from Penang , Jian and Durianberry, you won’t find any ais kacang with gula melaka in Penang as most ais kacang vendors there are using the Sarsaparilla syrup and red syrup.

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My favourite version of ais kacang would be the one laden with gula melaka and topped with one scoop of ice cream on it. It’s a bliss to savour it on a hot day.

***Start Copy***

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country? Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it. Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE. Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Now, I shall pass the tagging-thingie to the next five bloggers:

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  2. The shy Durianberry from Gastronomical Diary
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23 thoughts on “Tagged: My Favourite Food!

  1. Yum yum! So much ingredients wan! The 1st version looks much more tempting somehow. Must be the sweet pinkish jelly like thing doing it’s trick ^_^

    I will post my fav when I come back from holiday. Hee

  2. I tot I could live hapily after with my beloved flog.
    but now, I was tagged! :digging out all the food stuff from my fridge: Battle station !

    btw, yummy ais kacang. I love a scoop of ice cream on the ais kacang…

  3. mmm…i love ice kacang too! But i can’t find delicious ais kacang in tong sui gai anymore. ur pic looks good. feel like eating now ar….anyway, thanks a lot for the tag! …am thinking now, what’s my favourite food neh??

  4. Ipoh Chai: Hahaha, come on, let us know about your favourite food!

    Jacelyn: Try stall No. 17/18. They still serve ais kacang with ice cream and nice mixed fruit dessert. I took 3 days to crack my brain!

  5. Good job! Wah! The Ais Kacang looks so lovely. Make sure you bring me there if I am ever in Ipoh as the same time as you. Hee hee

  6. good ice kachang is very good but got many versions so best one hard to decide ! maybe depends on mood also ( just like many popular ladies drinks…)

  7. Jian: Oh, yes.. I’ve almost forgot about that.

    Tummythoz: Try the one is Brickfields… Boo blogged about it before… with strips of coconut flesh.

    MeiYen: Yeah lor, looks too pretty to be eaten right? 😛 I think I’ll miss it after I moved to KL…

    tonixe: That’s true. The best part about ice kacang is the ingredients – so versatile to mix and match!

  8. Hey, I like your blog! And……..I jus tagged you 😛 I have link to your post, i hope you don’t mind! Will visit ur blog again…stay blogging! See ya~!

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  10. There are so many varieties of ais kacang now. You can get the RM1.50 ABC at the road side stalls, you can get the typical hawker centre ais kacang, you can get malaccan ais kacang, or even the fruit ice kacang in Penang. Yumm

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