Cowan Street Chicken Beansprouts & Hor Fun


I have learned that one should never eat out during public holiday. When I was back to Ipoh during the Raya holidays, eating out was such a hassle because everywhere I go, I would see the scenario above. Aiyoh…


We waited about 30 minutes before we managed to place our order and secure a table. If not mistaken, I think there were only 4 people working that night (seriously not enough to handle the crowd), so if you’re planning to come during important public holidays like Raya, be prepared to wait.



At Cowan, the Three Heavenly Kings aka the poached chicken, beansprouts and hor fun were simply impressive, almost to the point of no complaint. Short but plump, juicy and crunchy blanched beansprouts doused with shallot oil, soy sauce and a dash of white pepper was very addictive (beansprouts has never tasted so good, seriously!). The chicken too, was cooked to perfection; tender, firm and smooth. No signs of bloody traits admist the bones.


The hor fun, as expected, slippery smooth which glides down the throat easily. However, it was the soup or stock that got us hooked. The soup was deliciously flavourful and sweet, with a hint of prawn-y goodness (they must have boiled the stock with prawns and chicken or anchovies).


While chicken beansprouts are easily available in Ipoh, such as the infamous Lou Wong and Onn Kee, I personally feel that Cowan did a better job.


Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau
44, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel : 6012-520 3322 (Ah Meng)

Business hours: Opens for dinner only, from about 7pm onwards.
Call ahead to check the business hour as they sometimes close without prior notice.

J2kfm and Vialentino been here before. Click to read about their experiences.

11 thoughts on “Cowan Street Chicken Beansprouts & Hor Fun

  1. Hi Gerald. Were you there on weekday or weekend? Most of the eating places would be closed around 3pm, especially coffee shops and dai chow around Old Town.

  2. Unka, yes it is!

    Mimi, nope it is not, but quality wise, this one is better.

    Ipohgal, no problem 🙂

    Leo, ah… why you don’t eat taugeh? It’s okay, at least you still can have chicken.

  3. Wui! When you go for the dinner woh? Never ask me along also …
    Cowan Street’s the best in Ipoh. Period. Don’t let the others sway your thoughts, for Cowan Street’s Ah Meng and wife were there WAY before Lou Wong and Onn Kee.

  4. During the Raya holiday lah. With Calvin and another friend. Tot you would be shy, so I didn’t ask you along hehe.
    Won’t be swayed la, I trust my tastebuds.

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