It’s A Noodle Bar, Bangsar Village 2

*Updates: It’s A Noodle Bar changed its name to Canoodling in between end of year 2010 to early 2011. Its interior remained the same with an expanded menu.

*Pardon the grainy pictures as these were taken with my Lumix.

It was back in July, after the first day of my BODYPUMP training, my friend came over to Bangsar Village to have dinner with me. We were walking around and spotted this place called For Goodness Sake, with an interesting entrance decor; a tall cabinet filled with kitchen utensils and crockeries such as mortar and pestle, stainless steel sieves, claypots, glass jars, metal trays, mini woks and so on. A quick study on the menu reveals that it’s a modern Japanese restaurant.


We skipped that and continue walking. Then we saw another shop with the same decor and colour again, but with a different name. CK, already feeling hungry, suggested to try the food here.


As the name implies, It’s A Noodle Bar serves noodle dishes from around the Asia region as well as some starters and desserts. The decor is very much industrial alike, with some creativity injected here and there (such as the cabinet at the entrance, desk lamps suspending from the ceiling and a really, really huge blackboard on the wall). A quick check reveals that they are the sister restaurant with For Goodness Sake next door, and patrons can order the food from both sides if they wanted a wider range of choices.


Eventhough he was the one who suggested to eat here, CK still stay at the safe side by having their Pan Mee (RM9.50) that comes with loads of minced pork, a soft-boiled egg, home-fried anchovies, chilli flakes and a side bowl of soup with some veggies and fish balls. He did not commented much on his noodle and since he was really hungry, I decided not to “steal” a bite… guess it was decent. I ordered the Indonesian Baba Noodles (RM9.50), which looked like a dry curry noodle with big chunks of tender, succulent chickens and brinjals (eggplant). The sauce was spicy, however, it would be better if the spice flavour is more intense.


Pandan Chicken (RM7.00) was surprisingly good. It was well-marinated and one could really smell the sweet aroma of the pandan (screwpine) leaves from it and not too greasy. Serving size may looked small, but definitely enough for two person to share. Lip-smackingly delicious.


Dessert wise, CK had the Todu Fah (RM4.00), which was okay, nothing spectacular, while I had Dumpling Tofu Fah (RM5.50). The dumpling refers to the Chinese “tong yuen“. It came with only one (yes, one only, if I’m not mistaken!) black sesame filling dumpling, which I personally feels that it was rather pricey. The filling was good though, and the tofu fah was not too sweet.


It’s A Noodle Bar
2F-29, Bangsar Village 2,
Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru,
59100 KL.
Tel: 03-2287 1566

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15 thoughts on “It’s A Noodle Bar, Bangsar Village 2

  1. Aiyoh, your pics are nice la, even if they were taken with the Lumix. 😛

    I tried the pan mee there before but didn’t like it. Ah well, I suppose they wanted to have a different twist to all the usual favourites.

  2. Hehehe… yeah, parking is the main problem here (although can try the public multi-storey parking behind the open air food court, but I think it would be fully occupied by the people working nearby). Try to come here on weekends then!

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