DU Project – The Brand New Hokano

In case you haven’t known, the small Japanese eatery, Hokano at Damansara Uptown has been given a facelift recently. Operating from about ¾ of the whole shop lot previously, now it has been expanded to a full shop lot with glass windows and doors.


The ambiance though, doesn’t change much but now they can sits more than 40 customers compared to before this. The DU Project members are happy with the place as they know they’re not paying for the ambiance (based on the perception of “nicely decorated restaurants tend to be more expensive”!).

Basically, we tried a variety of dishes here on our two times visits and we overall were happy with the food.


Sashimi (we ordered the set, which comes with chawan mushi, miso soup and salad, priced RM20), Chirashi Sushi (RM23.50). Amy loves this very much, quoting that the sashimis were fresh and thick cut too.


Chicken Katsu Don set (RM25.90, same side dishes) was delectable; the chicken was fried to perfection, not dry or tough and best of all, the egg yolk enveloping the chicken was still runny.


The Salmon Teriyaki set (RM19.50) was grilled to just nice texture and not too salty. The tempuras (RM18) were lightly battered, and not greasy, just like how tempura should be.


If seafood is not your preferred cup of tea, try their Chicken Teriyaki (set, RM 17.95). They use the chicken thigh meat for this dish and we heart it for the well-marinated and tender meat.

Overall comment from DU Project gang: Expansion doesn’t change the food quality served here, therefore Hokano shall remain as the best pick for budget Japanese cuisine.


Hokano Japanese Restaurant
74, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7729 5325
Same row with Maybank.

Who else been here before:

20 thoughts on “DU Project – The Brand New Hokano

  1. Hokano eh? Love these little places, being unpretentious and still take great pride in their servings of Japanese dishes.
    May not be top notch in quality or freshness, but still successfully satiating one’s appetite for Japanese food.

    Last I remembered, someone is not keen on Jap cuisine … right? 🙂

  2. @SC, not sure about the price as I only visit them after the expansion.

    @J2kfm, you mean me not keen on Japanese? No ah, I like Japanese food except raw stuff :p

    @Ramesh, Omitsu Koshi, facing Atria. The place is not so nicely decorated though. Another one is Nihon Kai at Old Klang Road.

  3. We were there for dinner last night, due to no small part on what I read here 🙂 The food is good, but I have a gripe with the menu. We ordered the sashimi moriawase. On the menu it stated that it comes with a salad and a miso soup. When I asked if they forgot to serve it (we were almost done with the platter) they apologised and said that it was the old menu.

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