Chocolate Wontons (Wantan Coklat)


In need of something sweet but interesting to please your guests? Try this! I first came across this recipe at SteamyKitchen and I Initially I planned to make this for dessert after Earth Hour for my friends who came over for dinner but the guys brought too much food over, we were too stuffed at the end. finally made this few days ago and I love it! I did screw up a few pieces (the wantan wrappers burst and… you know what happen). But it’s easy and quick to make, so if you’re looking for something different to please your friends or your kids, give this a try.

Read about the recipe and instructions here. Watch the video too!

Oh, by the way, if you think the wantan wrappers were too thin and worried it’ll burst (like me), don’t try to use two layers of the wrappers. Double layers of wantan wrappers yield a thick and hard skin that is difficult to chew.

12 thoughts on “Chocolate Wontons (Wantan Coklat)

  1. The Coliseum Cafe at Jalan TAR in KL used to have a dessert : Banana Chocolate Spring Roll served with vanilla ice cream. Imagine this; a sliver of banana with chocolate in a crispy fried spring roll. Chocolate and banana are one of their great combinations. Then add a hot cold combination of freshly fried hot spring roll and cold vanilla ice cream – heaven………..

  2. @Christine, try try 🙂

    @Jon, wow, that sounds heavenly! Do they still serve that?

    @Yiling, hahaha, just to make this? ^^

    @William, everyone missed it! Not heaty lah, it’s nice.

  3. @Not So Fat Monkey, hey that sounds good too! Thanks for the idea.

    @Leo, of course you can 🙂

    @Babe, actually yeah… deep frying uses plenty of oil. 😦

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