Breakfast At Tappers

Looking for a place to have breakfast on a sunny Sunday? Now, if I say that there’s a place in PJ, air-conditioned, complete with wifi and serves local and western breakfasts with unbelievably reasonable price, would you believe me?

If I were you, I might say “No way”. That was my reaction when Daniel told me that Tappers Café at Jaya One has one of the cheapest pricing on its food menu last month. In order to prove that he’s correct, he dragged me there one sunny Sunday morning early this month.

The ambiance was simple – wooden floors, white walls, white marble tables and white rattan chairs with small black & white photo frames and antique-designed lamps adorned the walls. There were a few tables occupied when we walked in but the place was almost full by the time we left. Take a quick peek in the menu and your jaw will literally drop. Why? Because of the price lor. Where can you get Mushroom Omelette at RM 3 or two Fried Egg Toast at RM 1.50 in an air-conditioned environment? But do keep in mind though, that their portions aren’t big.

While I settled with an American Breakfast set at RM 7.90 that came along with a cup of hot coffee, Daniel went for English Breakfast set, also RM 7.90 with a cup of hot tea. Kim Siong, who doesn’t eat meat, had the Mushroom Omelette (RM 3, scrambled eggs with mushrooms), two Fried Egg Toast (RM 1.50) and Hot Honey Lemon (RM 2.80). Instead of normal toasts, I got two pieces of nicely done pancake (very fluffy and fragrant!) with maple syrup and butter, a fried egg, bacon and sausage (how wrong can it go with these stuff by the way?). Total damage for the three of us came to RM 22.30, no service charge or government tax.

The food were undeniably not bad, however the same thing cannot be said to their service. We waited quite a while, about 30 minutes for our first order to arrive. And when Daniel enquire the waitress, she replied in a rather impolite way (from her accent, we thinks she’s not a local). But I will sure be back again, considering the cheap price tags.

Tappers Café
5-G, Block D, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7958 3198
Closed by 9pm.
*Students gets 10% discount off.

Lot G-21, Ground Floor,
CapSquare Centre,
No. 7, Persiaran Capsquare,
Capital Square,
50100 KL.

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16 thoughts on “Breakfast At Tappers

  1. I dunno lar, bro. The prices are indeed attractive but I realise as I age, my tolerance for poor customer service, esp. in the food industry is quickly disappearing…

    Rudeness is a big no-no lah. But will give it a try and judge for myself, to be fair, ya?

    Thanks for the reccie, Jason! 🙂

  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope you guys would like the place.

    Haiye, you’re just at the beginning of 30s? (ops 😛 )
    I don’t tolerate rudeness too but judging that she was a foreign worker, I just gave it a pass. You’re most welcome!

  3. imagine waking up to these every morning …. with a cuppa hot coffee, papers and the whole morning to yourself.

    i can live with that. i still remember passing by one afternoon, and the place was rather empty, hence didnt dare step in. whoopsie …

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  5. Tappers cafe’s service is extremely BAD!!! We have waited for more than 45mins for the meal and it never came and we kept on reminded the waitress to attend to our order but all she did is “Wait”…”Wait”. All that we had then were the drinks which we completely finish within the waiting time (without meal). That was beside the point, the waitress told us that one of the meal is no longer available after 30mins and most of the customers who came in later got their meal even the table next to us got their meal less than 10mins. I emphasized to the waitress that we have been waiting for 30mins…40mins and by the 45mins (1:07pm to 1:52pm) we said we wanted to see the boss (by the way, there is a receipt printed with the time). Guess what the absurb boss just did, he waved away sulkily at us and the waitress told us needless to pay for the drinks without a word from the boss. The least that he could do is to apologize for the delay in the 1st place and asked if we would prefer to come another time. One advise, Never Visit Tappers cafe at JayaOne!

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