My Second Japanese Post

It’s not that I don’t like Japanese food but more often, I found that the pricing here in KL are exorbitant. I seldom patronise sushi chains eventhough I have yet to try out Genki and Sakae because I see them as some expensive fast food joints. Japanese buffet doesn’t work for me too as I feel it lack the sense of authenticity. So, to cut it short, I haven’t been to Jogoya, Fukuya, Kampachi, Yo! Sushi, Shogun, Umai-ya, Ninja Jones and so on…

So hard please hor? Then where does my second post came from?


No no, stop flipping the Yellow Pages, you won’t find it there. I came across this popular Japanese food joint in Bangkok last month on my second night in Siam Paragon. This was my third Bangkok trip and this time, we spent less time on the streets and explored the eateries in the malls instead. This particular outlet was 100% occupied when we arrived and we had to waited about 20 minutes to get a table while perusing the menu.

If I could, I would have just keep one set of their menu and bring it back. It’s so attractive! Every item were arranged nicely with gorgeous pictures (first reason to make you salivate), details and pricing. We had a hard time deciding on what to order, seriously (even with the extra 20 minutes waiting time + “deciding time” was not enough). We finally settled for Alaska Salmon Roll (190 Baht). Very fresh and everything were rolled up nicely, plus no clumpy gohan.

The Gyoza Ramen Set (150 Baht) doesn’t look appetising (my fault) but it’s good actually. The soup was very flavourful and ramen were cooked al dente. The gyozas were also nicely pan fried, with not so thick wrapping skin so you can still get the crispy sensation and juicy pork filling.

Janvier found that his Sukiju Pork Set (140 Baht) a little weird for him as it’s a rice and noodle combo with braised pork, tofu, vegetables, onions and ramen in miso based broth.

For bento set, you can choose either sashimi or tempura and I chose the latter. Fuji Bento Tempura Set (230 Baht) comes with grilled salmon, poached pork fillets (very tender!), nigiri, rice, tempura (prawns, squid, lady’s fingers, brinjal, yam and pumpkin) and salad. I practically swept everything and left no remnants.

The Salmon Tekka Don (260 Baht) arrived in its glorious form, beautifully arranged with zucchini, pickled ginger, wasabi and a dollop of ikura (salmon roe), covering the rice underneath. The serving was huge where Frankie ended up eating all the salmon sashimis but couldn’t finish the rice.

All the above item plus a chawan mushi, one coffee, one orange juice, one lemon juice and one Fujicha (tea) costs the four of us 1,311 Baht. That’s about 327.75 Baht (approximately RM 32.80) per person.


Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Same level as the food court with big aquariums
Business hour: Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 10.00pm, Sat – Sun: 10.00am – 10.00pm
(Outlets also located in Central World, MBK Centre, Silom Complex and The Emporium)

More pictures here:


32 thoughts on “My Second Japanese Post

  1. J2Kfm: Any new Japanese restaurant in Ipoh ar?

    Little Inbox: Eh… mine is just a compact digital camera, not high tech ones 🙂

    Cumi&Ciki: They really do!

  2. Japanese Sushi, Ramen and Western food do well in Bangkok. It is packed during lunch and dinner time even on weekdays! Surprisingly high-end Thai restaurants are not doing well. Fusion of Thai and western are ok. You may want to try Sizzler. This western joint offers value for money and the salad bar is packed with tremendous variety of stuff. Sometimes I just go for the salad bar and get a full meal.

  3. Ahhh this post brings back lots of memories.

    When I was working there, my colleagues somehow developed a love for all foodies Jap… Fuji, Fumi, and Ottoya… with frequent petronage @ Fumi’s because they have this points system implemented.

    And believe it or not… we had either those 3 at least 3 times a week!!!! But can’t blame them… cause jap food closest to chinese food we have here .<

    I have never ever felt so jelak with Japanese food ever. =P And now that I am back, boycotting Jap food for a few months until I get the appetite back.

    But Jelak aside, the foodie seems quite reasonable there, price-wise and portion. I came to find out that Katsu-don is actually pork cutlet… not chicken. ahahaha. =P

  4. Chin: Yeah, it seems that higher end eateries doesn’t do well in Bangkok, I wonder why. Sizzler? Noted, will try to find that if I’m going there again, thanks!

    WMW: Very weird 🙂

    Allie: Konnichiwa!

    LotsOfCravings: Nihon Kai! Near OKR which part?

    Sean: Hello! But I think I saw quite a number of Chinese restaurant in BKK… Haha, means you’re very familiar with Japanese food now! Yeah, Katsu was pork but I think they use chicken here….

    Babe: Thanks for the info!

  5. the prices seem reasonable. and yeah, j-food is rather expensive in malaysia/singapore. but gosh, they look and taste so good, right? argghhh!!!

    fuji reminds me of another japanese eatery at yaohan, the mall donkey years back. such cosy and delicious eatery! now occupied by kenny rogers, i think.

  6. Nic: Well, I guess it’s all because of the imported ingredients from Japan. Where’s Yaohan btw? :p

    Sadao: Hello. Glad to help :p

    Mimidevils: It’s quite easy to spot, don’t miss it!

    Kenny: Aww… poor thing. Hope that your next one will be better though.

    William: Memang!

    Sillylupie: I miss JJ market and Fuji too. S & P – this is sooo gonna be my next target when I’m in Bangkok again.

    Paul: YAY! But is Jogoya still nice?

    Jun: Hahaha…

    Ai Wei: Sure! Bring me to explore Japanese food!

    BSG: I think it’s the colour ^^ Thanks!

  7. Talking bout Jap, I’m craving for it. Usually I go for Zipangu in Shangrila with the 50% discount card. That place serves kinda good sushi. Fresh salmon, tamago and my lovely soft shell crab. Gosh, what had I done? I just made myself hungry at 1.00am in the morning. Better go to bed now. Hehe…

  8. oh, i went pass it when i was at siam paragon last month. didnt thot of trying though at that time.. looks good nonetheless. there’s ok priced jap food in DU and Manjalara too you know? :p

  9. when i was in bkk last month, i went to their outlet @ Ari with much expectations, for i have heard the many positive feedbacks.

    the interior is undeniably, very pleasant, but the food weren’t. probably only this outlet, i’m not to generalize.

    And *geez* the waiters refrained me from taking pictures, twice 😦

    Sad to say, the first visit totally put me off.

    psst. Haven’t they heard of food bloggers? 😛

  10. Precious Pea: Remember to go to the one in Siam Paragon as I heard there are some bad comments on the other outlets.

    Beat’s Food N Travel Trail: Hello! I actually saw the no camera sign at the entrance but no one stopped me from doing so though. Perhaps food bloggers are not popular in Thailand.

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