Ipoh Mali In Sunday Metro

“Congrats! You got featured yesterday in Sunday Star πŸ™‚ ”

For a while, I was blinking my eyes while reading the SMS sent by WMW yesterday… I thought she was joking. I dismissed it and continue with my work which are piling up on my desk….

Only few hours later, I realised I haven’t reply her SMS. :S

“Eh, really ar?”
“No one inform you about that? I’m the first one to inform you?”

I quickly logon to The Star Online website, search for my nickname and found it! They featured my post about Eiffel Restaurant which I went to with J2Kfm, Tummythoz, Phitoy and Food Cookies last month.


Read the article by Renita Che Wan here.

I never expect my blog to be featured on the newspaper as I always think that my grammars are crappy and if compared to Masak-Masak or A Whiff of Lemongrass, I’m just another humble food blogger on the food blogging community. Thanks to WMW for the SMS, Janvier for keeping the newspaper cutout for me and Renita Che Wan for submitting my post to The Star!

26 thoughts on “Ipoh Mali In Sunday Metro

  1. Nic: Thank you! Yeah, more articles to come definitely. πŸ™‚

    Tummythoz: Thanks dear! Me not a celebrity la. Still a blogger!

    FBB: That’s true somehow. Thanks! Yeah, BKK never failed to amaze me ^^

    J2Kfm: It’s good to take a break, isn’t it? You’re welcome.

    Mimi: Thank you~~ Not a dream lar, work harder!

    Durianberry: Thanks Durianberry ^^

  2. Yo yo!

    I was doing my usual research on foodblogs and for some reason it directed me to yours. Read thru it and saw that little article you wrote abt Sunday Metro Star and thought i should definitely say hi. Reason i picked yours is because you take good pics and you give elaborate details. I don’t really care abt grammar; that’s what i’m here for, to help edit ;). Keep up the good work!

    p.s – am thinking of featuring best 10 foodblogs in the future. Yours could be the one of ’em πŸ˜›


  3. SC: Thanks!

    PenangTuaPui: Thanks you guys. I’m sure you guys can do it as well.

    Ms._____2 be!: Thank you!

    Ai Wei: Thanks Ivy. Ah, not celeb lah… I’m still a flogger. πŸ™‚

    Renita Che Wan: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by again and your effort to submit my post to Sunday Metro Star.

    I would be so honoured if my blog can even make it for the nomination. Thanks again RCW!

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