Ipoh Hong Kee Egg Tarts

*Warning: Explicit words ahead. Read with your own risk.

Not so long ago (last year actually), Jian sent me an email on the scanned articles from the NewTide magazine on Ipoh food. One particular suggestion they mentioned in the article was the Cockman egg tart.

Later on, not so long ago (it was last year too!), one of my friend asked me where is Cockman egg tart located. I looked at him, puzzled and surprised at the same time as I never tried the egg tarts before and I was wondering how did he know about it. He told me that his mom’s friend, while coming all the way from Ipoh for a visit, brought a dozen egg tarts for them. I’m sure he’s talking about the tarts from the articles Jian sent me so I decided to look for the place.

So when I went back to Ipoh, I woke up early one morning and drove all the way to town area to get the Cockman egg tarts. The first thing I saw was the picture above. A steady stream of customers, haphazardly parked their vehicles by the roadside, hop down and queue up for the pastries.

I bought myself half a dozen egg tarts and another half dozen for my friends and his coursemates at RM 1.20 per piece. It might sounds rather expensive (especially for the locals) but when I held it in my hand, I practically felt like one of the Beagle Brothers with a file-filled cake… they were really hefty. Instead of plain egg with sugar, the proprietor also add in fresh milk to the egg mixture for a creamier, smoother texture. Maybe that explains the weight.

I was impressed with the texture of the crust too, it doesn’t crumble and break when you bite it and the yellowish egg custard was just nice, not overly sweet, with sufficient eggy aroma. But sad to say, I can’t compare this with the infamous Tong Kee egg tarts in KL as I haven’t got the chance to sample their masterpiece yet.

Where to get them? Ipoh, of course!

Hong Kee Pastries @ Kedai Kopi Weng Seng
(corner shop at the same row with Har Chai Seng and former Super Kinta)
14, Jalan Dato’ Onn Jaafar aka Cockman Street,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 017-5928 303
Business hour: Early in the morning, around 6am till noon. Come early as the tarts usually sold out by 10am.


36 thoughts on “Ipoh Hong Kee Egg Tarts

  1. wah looks good leh…the surface doesnt char meaning less sugar like u said and it doesnt have that watery thing on top. lolz… the crust seems thick tho…

    aiks i can see po lo bao! yumz reminds me of the butter polo bao at wong kok…butterlicious…lolz

    tong kee egg tart…aih sadly when i was there they no open…

  2. Jian: The crust might look thick but it’s not hard. Alamak, I forgotten to mention about their other type of pastries!

    Tonixe: Well, do remember to come and try them out the next time you drop by Ipoh then. 😉

    Sister Lemongrass: LOL! *points* there, there, there…. haha.

  3. I can’t believe there’s really a street called Jalan Cockman… 😆

    Ipoh sounds like mad fun… gotta plan a roadtrip one of these days. 😀

  4. Creamier & smoother egg tarts…wow…it really nice. Eh, they got factory manufacture all those pastries ler…Their coconut tart must be delicious too, I guess…

  5. i prefer egg tarts whr its pastry isn’t flaky like this. i like them with a more biscuity base 🙂

    yes jason i’ve reach oz. bye bye to all the good msian and sporean food 😦

  6. Yammylisious: Heh.. sorry~~

    Percicilan: Hi there. Yes, go and try them. Where are you from by the way?

    Kenny: Surprised? Hahaha… The Chinese version of Cockman Street sounds better.

    Celine: Yeah, I know where is the factory located.

    Jun: It’s hard to get the biscuity base nowadays… Well, take care in Oz. Shall see you again when you’re back for holiday 😉

    SC: Buy me some Tong Kee’s and I’ll tell you. 😛

    Christine: I don’t know Chinese too!

    Jo: Hello, thanks for dropping by. Well, you need to go there earlier next time.

  7. hey Jason, wondering if compared to Kg Simee market 4 Kee (i think) egg tarts, which one nicer?
    that one also sold out as soon as they finish baking … have to wait at the rite time…

  8. Teckiee: Yeah! Ack, talking about them now makes me craving for them.

    Percicilan: Oh, thanks for dropping my blog!

    Wenching & Esiong: Yeah, it’s a bit too far. I think I should try Tong Kee too.

    J2K: Yeah, I heard the same thing too but I haven’t tried them yet…. thanks for the reminder, shall try the one in Simee market next month!

    Chester: Whaa.. coincidence! Good, I want 1 dozen 😛

  9. egg tart from si mee market oso very very yUmmy o……iM so desperate to get back hOme…summer summer fast come o…

  10. yeah, simee market Sei Kee is very nice la, even when cold already and not crispy also very tasty cz the filling! Just bought 2 tarts from Tong Kee, havent try them yet, cz squished inside bag. haha … dunno should show the picture not … sigh … maybe later la

  11. wei jason, thanks for tagging me, if u ever come back Ipoh anytime, let’s go get these together la. Cz on weekends pretty hard to find motivation to wake up so early and go buy. haha… cannot compared wif Tong Kee yet, hehe ….wonder why?read my blog la, so paiseh …. 😉

  12. owhhhhhhh… lovely lovely!
    i wil hav this everytime i go ipoh to visit my popo… it’s simply delicious.. much more tastier than the one from tong kee! no offense thou =P

  13. hehe.. i alwys noe egg tart frm simee market is d best o…hoho..my jiejie gonna bring dem for me all d from ipoh to london o…..wooo…cnt wait for it….lax year summer i had egg tarts evryday o..

  14. J2K: Sure but that would be next month. I go back once a month. We can do makan trip in Ipoh once a month. 😉

    Lisha: Better than Tong Kee? Serious? Ack, I gotta get my hand on Tong Kee!

    Anonymous: Wow, hope that you’ll get your egg tarts fix soon!

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