Le Bouchon @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

We celebrated Cheryl’s birthday (belated one actually) at Le Bouchon on Sunday after William mentioned that he have a 50% voucher. So the 7 of us made our way there around 7pm.

*Sorry for the bad quality pictures because I set it at the wrong mode*

The interior was tastefully decorated with wine bottles, antique chandeliers, wooden shelves and many more, similar to traditional French cottagelike concept. It was dimly lit to create the cosy ambiance but unfortunately, the music they played were kinda mismatch with the overall atmosphere.


Complimentary bread were served as starters with unsalted butter, biscuit and bruschetta with liver paté. We don’t quite like the liver paté as it tastes like stale meat.

La Terrine De Fioe Gras Miscuit Servie Avec Confiture D’Oignon Au Miel Et Sa Tranche De Pain Au Lev Ain Grille (Goose Liver Terrine served with Onion Jam on a sliced of Toasted Sour Dough Bread), RM 48. Me being the not-so-adventurous one, didn’t touch it. The rest said it tastes pretty similar like the paté bruschetta we had earlier.

Les Escalopes De Magret De Canard Confits Sauce Aux Pruneaux (Duck Magret Confits Escalopes served with Plum Sauce), RM 68. The duck thigh was perfectly done; the meat was so tender, it separates from the bones easily and well marinated.

Les Medallions De Boeuf A La Fourme D’Ambert Et Aux Noix (Beef Medallions with Blue Sauce and Walnut), RM 88. The beef were done medium but despite the tender-ness, it tastes quite bland. The sauce doesn’t compliment well with the beef too.

Les Tagliatelles Sauce Champignons Sauce Truffes Et Escalope De Foie Gras Poelee (Mixed Saute Mushroom with Pasta served with Truffle Sauce and Pan Fried Goose Liver), RM 78. I didn’t know that was goose liver until I bite onto it…. although it’s very nicely seared and melt in the mouth feeling, I would choose not to eat it if I knew it was goose liver earlier. The accompanied mushroom pasta was quite good by the way.

Le Filet De Loup Poche Sauce Saumon Fume A L’aneth Et Brochette De Gambas (Poached Seabass Fillet served Smoked Salmon, Dill Sauce and Prawn Brochette served with Tagliatelle), RM 50. A pretty normal dish, nothing special with the sauce. The fish fillet was fresh though.

Les Escapoles De Saumon Croustillantes Aux Lentilles Vertes Du Puy Reduction De Vin Rouge (Crispy Salmon Escalopes served with Green du Puy Lentils and Red Wine Sauce), RM 52. Simple presentation, I like the salmon fillet being slighty crispy outside and juicy inside. And I found myself had most of the lentils too. :p

After the mains, we took our own sweet time camwhoring (we’re the noisiest table, no doubt on that) and proceed to order some desserts before we call it a night.

I think this is the Le Nougat Glace Au Miel Et Coulis De Fruits Rouge (Honey Ice Cream served with Red Fruits Coulis), RM 18. I found it tastes more like vanilla ice cream though… the pros: the sweetness was just right.

La Tarte Des Demoiselles Tatin (Caramelised Apple Tart served with Vanilla Ice Cream), RM 18 wasn’t up to our expectation. The tart was quite hard and the caramelised apple were too sour to our liking.

Again, if I’m not mistaken, we also had the La Creme Brulee A La Cassonade Et Vanille De Bourbon (Catalane Speciality with Caramelised Brown Sugar), RM 18. We found there’s almond bits hidden inside and the texture was just nice and not too sweet. This is the best one among the three.

Total damage was about RM 345+ after 50% discount for 7 pax. Pricey indeed, but I don’t mind coming back for the duck leg confit and crispy salmon fillet.


Le Bouchon Wine & Dine
No.14 & 16,
Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2142 7633
Fax:03-2142 7633

More information at:

14 thoughts on “Le Bouchon @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

  1. Bonjour! Comment t’apelles tu? Cava?

    Hehe, thought that’d be appropriate considering it’s French cuisine you’re reviewing. Looks wonderful but that hit to the wallet is kinda scary for me lah… anyone wanna sponsor me and introduce me to the pleasures of French dining? 😀

    (Muka tebal but what to do, rite?)

  2. Celine: Em… cos of the stories I heard about goose liver.

    Kenny: Haha, I don’t know French! Yeah, the prices were kinda strucked me too at first. Luckily we have discount 😛


    LotsOfCravings: I know you would. 😉 Any other French place to recommend?

    Tummythoz: Goose liver only lah. *pass buckets*

  3. waaaa goose liver in almost all dishes…teehehe…sedap la if they do it right…stale meat? hmmm i forgot how it taste like liao…when u see the word foie gras its goose liver…

    dishes without goose liver mah cheaper lo…hehe…when dine in french restaurant their duck dish wont go wrong wan haha…if they do dun go anymore…

    i dun like pate…maybe i havent tasted the really good ones…i will be glad to sapu the livers for u wahahaha like wat i did for the prawns back in ipoh. nyek nyek nyek

  4. Jian: Yeah, if you read their menu, almost every main dish has the word “goose liver”. Don’t think we can request them to omit the liver though…

    I don’t like pate too… as they really taste like stale meat. Ahaa… another foie gras fan eh?

  5. you still hv the 50% off thingy ar? haha! i’m drooling over the duck confit. wah, with that pasta somemore…too bad the liver tasted like stale meat lar…some are very nice..oopsss…

  6. hehe would lupve to be a foie gra fan unfortunately dompet dun allow :S

    Cannn you can omit the foie gra but price would still be the same…lolz…so to foie gra or not leh?

  7. Nic: Don’t have anymore! LOL. It’s the pate that tastes like stale meat. 🙂

    Jian: Of course cannot lah! Em… I’ll choose not to foie gras.

    Simon Seow: *pass foie gras to Simon* 😛

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