Special Invitation By FatBoyBakes

On my third day in KL, I got a call from Jackson, informing me that FatBoyBakes is having a mini dinner gathering at his house at Damansara. Feeling excited, I buzzed “kah jie” (big sister) WMW and she agreed to pick me at Plaza Mont Kiara as both of us have things to attend to before we can make our way to Damansara.

It was almost 9pm when WMW, Teckiee and I were on the way to Damansara and we found his house with not much problem. FBB greeted us at the gate and lead us to a flight of staircase, decorated with plants and colourful light bulbs and to a special room next to the swimming pool where the other floggers had already gathered. Among them were Audrey, Lyrical Lemongrass, Tummythoz & Phitoy, Allan & Nigel, Jackson, Precious Pea, Joe Constant Craving and Boo_licious. That was my first time to meet up with Audrey!

The host and his wife were busy going in and out the room, prepare and serve the dishes for us. Here’s what we had that night: (sorry for the lousy photos, the cheapo photo editing software failed on me T_T)

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Medley of Garden Vegetables with Quail Eggs. The salad was fantastic, drizzled with dressing made from mixture of balsamic vinegar, jam and olive oil. Yeap, it’s jam.

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Next, Vermicelli Pasta with Roast Duck. Frankly speaking, that was my first time sampling duck meat and I absolutely love it! Nicely done with coriander, garlic, sliced aromatic duck meat, olive oil and minced chilli for the extra tangy flavour.

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The yummy Chicken and Mushroom Pie made its entrance next. Generous amount of chicken and mushrooms filled the pie to the brim, while the crust is not too thick nor thin.

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I’ve always thought that pizza is a troublesome dish to prepare at home especially the dough. FBB’s Homemade Pizza With Pork Bacon, Basil, Mushroom and Crabmeat was loaded with treasures and tastes just as great as it looks. Win any of our pizza chain store hand’s down.

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This is the extra side dish, super chunky “siew yoke” (roasted pork). The skin were amazingly crispy and the meat… succulent and tender… just like how a good “siew yoke” should be!

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Assorted Cheese Platter. I don’t remember the two names of the cheese but the first picture is the Fruit Cheese. All three cheeses goes well with biscuits but I just had 2 servings as I’m stuffed at the moment.

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As for dessert, WMW brought along some donuts from Big Apple. Colourful but I didn’t try them as I’m not a fan of donuts…

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And before long, FBB presented us his creations…. Dessert No. 1: Rum and Raisin Tart Served With Pure Cream. OMG….! Can practically smell the scent of rum as the knife glides down on the tart. Despite using rum and raisins separately, FBB actually soaked the raisins in rum before adding them to the tart mixture (if my memory serves me right… someone corrects me if I’m wrong). Teckiee was going crazy over the tart… LOL…

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And the star of the night was the Flourless Chocolate Cakes With Molten Centres, also served with a dollop of fresh cream (I’m sure most of the floggers who attended the dinner would agree with me!). Served warm, the rich, melted chocolate at the centre actually flows down onto my tongue when I took the first bite! *droooolsss*

After the satisfying meal and some chats (over Unkaleong’s fabulous abs), some of us started to prey on Joe and actually made him unbutton his shirt to show us his nipples! Hahahahah…. armed with cameras, the ladies (and gentlemen!) started to take shots of him. PRICELESS huh? πŸ˜›

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Before we bid farewell to FBB, we were entertained by Allan & Nigel with a beautiful rendition of “I Know Him So Well” (picture shows Nigel only), accompanied by FBB’s wife on the piano. “Kah jie” WMW was asked to perform too but she was kinda nervous. Nevertheless, she finally sang “Through The Eyes Of Love” (theme song from Ice Castles). A very beautiful song indeed.

Here, I would like to express my thanks to FBB and his wife for the wonderful dinner, “kah jie” WMW, Tummythoz and Phitoy for the lift. And to my fellow floggers, it was such a bliss to have met up with you guys. I enjoy thoroughly every moment we spent together eating, commenting, chatting, laughing etc etc. Looking forward to meet you guys again this 23rd June at the grand opening of Allan & Nigel’s Just Heavenly Pleasures! πŸ˜‰

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16 thoughts on “Special Invitation By FatBoyBakes

  1. CityGal: Yeah, cos the food were really good!

    Teckiee: Hahahah.. I thought you crave for the rum and raisin tart? Should have ask WMW to post your “monster-getting-the-tart” picture!

    Jackson: Thanks bro! Errr… paiseh laa *run and hide*

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. And just for the heck of it. Wow.

    The food looks amazing, esp since most were home-made with such loving care. But the best part has gotta be the company, right? It warms the heart to see ya floggers together gather… *sniffs*

    More, please! πŸ˜€

  3. Jian: Next time come and join the gathering with Durianberry. Good food and good company – guaranteed!

    Kenny Mah: Yeap, the floggers are the best. Patience, more coming on the way. ^^

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