Malaysia Truly Asia?

I’m back online! Well, at least I can access the Internet at office and cyber café for the time being. Will start to post soon, so stay tune.

It’s been 9 days since I’ve settled down in Cheras and I’m trying my best to familiarize myself with the area. Went out few times on my own to KL (window shopping, meeting friends etc) and during these 9 days, I’ve seen the pretty and ugly sides of Malaysian…

I was at KLCC last Sunday, 10th June to visit my friends at work and have lunch together. As I was thinking to leave at 6pm something, it suddenly rained cats and dogs, prompted me to wait for the rain to stop and these are what I noticed:

  1. There’s no proper taxi stand at KLCC (Isetan entrance, nearby the garden) with shelter from the sun and rain so when it rained, passengers without umbrellas will have to bear with the risk of getting wet when they trying to board for taxi.
  2. Most taxi drivers are too lazy or reluctant to drive their vehicle nearer to the pedestrian passageway when taking passengers (to minimize the possibilities of getting wet). They just stop at the middle of the road or wherever they like.
  3. Some taxi drivers refuse to go to some destinations too. Imagine you run to the taxi in rain, tell the driver your destination, he shooked his head and you’ll run back to the shelter spot, soaked from head to toe. Some passengers just jumped onto the taxi and you’ll see him/her get down few minutes later.
  4. And the worse scenario – A foreigner couple in their 30s with their son trying to board a taxi. The mother and son got onto the taxi while the father trying to put the baby wheel (is that how they call it? Or cradle? Ah, never mind…) at the boot. But the boot does not open, so he knock lightly on the boot cover, signalling the driver to open it. And guess what, the driver actually got angry, got out and yell at the him! The father puzzled, trying to say something but the driver pushed and scold him while pointing fingers at his face. The father trying to avoid any further confrontation, asked his wife to get out the taxi but the driver kept on scolding and pushing him! What a barbarian! Standing there, I was so ashamed to witness the whole drama along with other people there which includes some foreigners from Arab, Japanese and ang mohs. And all these happened at KLCC…
  5. Seriously, I think the government need to do more other than just promoting 2007 as Visit Malaysia Year. If this happened to me, I wouldn’t want to come back again or even bother to recommend my friends/relatives to visit Malaysia.

    First world planning (maybe but I doubt it), third world mentality.

37 thoughts on “Malaysia Truly Asia?

  1. Thanks for highlighting this, Jason. Just wish we could do something about it. It’s getting embarrassing. Sometimes, i feel like kicking da buggers and asking them if they’ve got something up their errrr…behinds. Grrrr.

  2. Shameful behaviour. VMY 2007 makes it even more shameful. There’s all these horrible attitude, then dengue, then floods in the heart of the city….Malaysia, truly Venice of Asia! Spend money build The Eye, half million RM toilets, smart tunnels ….but forget the essentials! Malu only!

  3. Welcome back Jason!! So MALU to hear that incident! i never take a tzxi before but i heard that Malaysia’s taxi service is one of the worst comapared to other country!!

  4. Wow! You’re from Ipoh and staying in Cheras? Just like me!
    I’m from Ipoh Garden and staying/working in KL now…have an apartment in Cheras.
    Anyway, KL is really really malu…lousy city planning…SMART tunnel not even fully tested to alleviate the flood.
    BTW, i read your blog regularly, good food blog! Congrats!

  5. What I could’ve done in that situation is to apologize to the foreigners on behalf of Malaysians.

    I had an incident in Australia 2 years back when me and my friend were harassed by a drunken Australian. Nobody came to our aid,they just watched and some even walked away. Thank God someone did call the police and that drunken guy was arrested.

    While I was standing there watching the man being pulled into the police car, a local actually walked up to me and apologized to me and my friend. He said he is ashamed of his people and his country for treating foreigners like that.

  6. Welcome to “the real” KL, Jason! We hailed a cab at Mandarin Oriental for my Sporean cousins to send them back to Time Square. My jaw dropped down when I saw the condition of the blardy cab. It was so beat up dat I swear if had slam the door hard, it would have dropped onto the floor!!!! Bugger had the nerve to charge flat rate RM15 from Jalan Pinang to Jalan Imbi!!!! Buat malu aje.

  7. its quite bad fren works in this line..basically there is not much advertising done overseas to attract foreigners in the 1st place..its more of a trick to get us to spend our money locally more like it..shame shame..

  8. Wendy: Aih… malu la.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Me too! Some people just don’t understand that customers are their source of income. They just do whatever they like.

    WMW: Yeah, wasted so much money on upgrading or build attractions but neglected the most important aspect – manners and service.

    Jackson: After the incident, I think I have to agree with you. Even taxis in Bangkok are much better!

    KennyF: Hi, thanks for visiting! Which part of Cheras you’re staying? Correct, the infrastructures here were really a mess.

    Tankiasu: Well, I don’t think I will do that (twiddling fingers) but the couple boarded another cab instantly after the stupid driver got back onto his cab.

    Babe_KL: Yeah, lemme join you in slamming the door then ^^ Luckily for me, the drivers used the meter…

    LotsOfCravings: Another government conspiration huh? These stuff makes me really lazy to leave Cheras… hahaha.

    MeiYen: Yeah! Hospitality, transportation, service – all bullshit.

  9. Darn. Now I’m worried about leaving my newly wed friends here on their first couple days of honeymoon in KL next week. But I can’t take Thu and Fri off, so they have to fend for themselves during the day. KL taxi drivers… adoi…

    Rules and regulations we can have all we want, it’s the enforcement that matters in the end. Yet at the end of the day, I can’t help but still be happy I live here in Malaysia. Grass may be greener in some ways on the other side, but not completely.

    Guess I’m a big sap, but I’ll deal with a couple of nasty taxi drivers. The whole don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater scenario. 😉

  10. Getting a cab here is an adventure & one of the highlights to tell back home. Hey, don’t u know it’s a top notoriety warned in Lonely Planet Guidebook to M’sia? Wonder whether they updated the books to include snatchthieves & mat rempits. Yup, they should update the advise column for ‘things to bring’ to cater for flash floods too.

  11. lolz KL indeed a City of Chaos….Am lucky then when I was in KL with my friend. Fuh… Poor city planning lar wei…and terrible new bus system. So near yet so far….2020 is coming and we are…Memang mensiasuikan (memalukan in hokkien)

  12. Kenny Mah: Well, just hope that they won’t have such encounters during their stay here. I like Malaysia too but not in all aspects. 🙂

    Tummythoz: Erm, I don’t think I’ll tell my parents stories like this else they’ll worry.

    XiuLongBao: Yalar, such a shock to me. No difference from gangsters.

    Jian: It’s chaos everywhere… LRT station, bus stop, highways etc

  13. I work very near KLCC but this is my first time hearing this. I do agree that some taxi driver are really like that. I have encountered many of this type myself. But I have to say that not all are like that. There are still that bunch who really go all out for their customers.

  14. Hi Jason, yes! Main Convent that’s it! I thot it was Holy Infant Jesus Convent. Syuen Hotel ( Sai-Einn, Sueen, pronounced as Sour in Cantonese? or Suin as garlic? ) Oh well, whatever the pronouciation is. I dropped by in Kuala Lumpur on my way to Ipoh. I don’t understand the system in taxi fares in KL. Can someone tell me why the drivers don’t use the meter that installed in the cab? The price they quoted me from KLCC to Somerset Ascot were $70.00 which was way too expensive!! I would have walked back to my apartment, but I had so many shopping bags with me. Why do visitors are made to negotiate the fares in the first place?? Why can’t they use the meter instead? This is really absurd.

  15. Teckiee: Yeah, not all drivers are like that but 1 rotten apple is enough to spoil the image of the country…

    Anonymous: Sour in Cantonese is pronounced as “Suin” while garlic is “suen tau” (whole garlic, that’s how we call it in Ipoh). If minced garlic, it’s “suen mai”. There’s many reports on drivers don’t use the meter system… probably they target this on tourists.

    Big Boys Oven: Thanks dude! Haha, blogging about food is much easier I reckon.

    Durianberry: Lucky for you to know how to take LRT instead! My current best record is took LRT from Maluri to Masjid Jamek and then transit to KLCC! Much cheaper as well.

    Jacelyn: Nop, he’s not drunk. I bet you’ll felt worse if you were there witnessing the scene.

  16. Hey Jason..i’ve yet to take a taxi at KLCC..but my cousin has had his fair share of ‘bad experience’ with the taxis when he was back a few weeks ago.

    He had an appointment somewhere near KLCC, so decided to take the cab, but the driver wanted to charge him RM10 for the short distance, so he decided to forego that and take another taxi. Came across one who used the meter but it was still very expensive..

    As you know it, he was cursing to me after that. Haha..

  17. Spiffy: The meter is adding RM0.20 for every 200 metres or RM0.20 for every 2 minutes (if I’m not mistaken), so when you’re caught up in jam, you can expect a high fare too!

  18. Yeah, i noticed that too..even if the taxi is not moving the meter is still moving and i used to think that they charge only when the vehicle is moving. Tsk Tsk…

  19. i use to take lots of cabs before i started driving recently..but 99% are very nice to me though (some waited for me to get into my house before they drive off, one even drove into my car porch so that i dont get wet as it was raining heavily). but then again, i get my cabs in PJ..maybe those in KL are more aggressive 😦

  20. Spiffy: I used to think like that too!

    SC: Lucky you! Yeah, maybe those in KL are more aggressive… I saw some even get down and bring umbrella to the passengers too but I think they’ll extra charge for those “extra” service…

  21. lolz…yeah shud start one of that blog. Sure a big hit…maybe register the All Msian blog thingy with The Star and get prize at the same time lolz!

  22. Big Boys Oven: Submitting now..!

    Jian: Haha.. don’t think I wanna do that la. Promoting good things are better than bad things. That is just for sharing 🙂

    XiuLongBao: Will update soon.. need to edit a couple more pictures. Em… KL is still a bit slow, mostly are backdated Ipoh posts -__-“

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