Prelude to Bangkok Trip, 19th-23rd Jan 2007

It’s been few days didn’t login to my blog.. just to let you guys know I was in Bangkok for holiday ^^ Took lots of photos there while enjoying their food. Will post them here as soon as I’m free to copy them from George’s camera.

4 thoughts on “Prelude to Bangkok Trip, 19th-23rd Jan 2007

  1. Hi Jason! Surprised to see that you linked my blog. Thanks. Anyway, am looking forward to your photos taken in Bangkok. I will be heading there a month from now. Which hotel will you recommend? Any nice eatery places to recommend also??

  2. Hi Pea! ^^ I’m still waiting for my friend to copy the pictures for me cos I didn’t bring my camera that time. I noticed there are some nice hotels at the area I stayed but it all depends on your budget. I stayed at Unico Grande Sathorn Boutique Service Apartment & Hotel in Silom area which I think is quite good. Here’s the address: Unico Grande Sathorn

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