KFC Alaskan Fish Combo Voucher!

I thought KFC’s new product was the improved fish sandwich, but I came across this on vkeong.com. All you need to do is save the picture, print it out and show it to the cashier at KFC to enjoy 20% off on the new Alaskan Fish Combo meal. The picture looks nice but as usual, the actual product differ from the picture (lol)

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8 thoughts on “KFC Alaskan Fish Combo Voucher!

  1. i like your blog, a lot of pics on food, keep it up. perhaps next time take pics of the food u are about to eat n also at the same time, stalls of the place u go to.

  2. Thanks Jason for your opinion. I’ll try my best next time cos I don’t have my personal digital camera, all pics are snapped either using my friend’s camera or my camera phone (1.3 MP only). Thanks again 😉

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