Conquered By Korean Barbeque

It was last month. Yes, 7th June. The week when DuanWu Festival took place.

Citygal and I went back to hometown (separately) for some scrumptious rice dumplings that week and the excited J2Kfm “booked” both of us for lunch on Saturday. While I humbly confessed that I’m slowly drifting apart from the new eateries in Ipoh, J2Kfm suggested what we do Korean BBQ. Such a great idea (I was still pretty much a Korean BBQ’s virgin, that’s why).

If not mistaken, this is the ONLY place to have Korean cuisine in Ipoh. Few establishments blossomed before but all closed down. The airy interior of Yea Won soothes our bodies and surprisingly, there’s no evidence of smoky atmosphere eventhough no exhaust fans provided above the dining tables. Choose to sit at either normal dining table or an elevated floor which requires you to take off your shoes.

I was told that barley tea is a common drink in Korea, hence we also had a jug of it for ourselves, RM 3. It tastes pretty much like our local Chinese tea but with a smoother aroma and flavour.

I’m also have no idea whether these side dishes called banchan or panchan are supposed to be served, regardless which main course you ordered or they are served to every tables. There are about 6 types of banchan served, which include kimchi, muchae (white radish with chilli peppers), the highly suspected Gyeran-jjim (steamed eggs in tofu shape) and salad with mayo dressing.

We want something spicy, so we opted for the Spicy Cold Noodles, RM 20, which came in brown-coloured noodle (buckwheat suspected but no further confirmation), topped with kimchi, seasoned cucumber slices, radish, hard-boiled egg and spicy chilli gravy. But maybe partly it’s our mistake – we didn’t inform the lady to serve this at the end of meal, so the noodle came when we were busy with our BBQ and none of us paid attention to it. When we digged into the noodles after that, it stucked together in a big lump. Not a problem, really, as the noodle was still cold (not cold as room temperature but more like chilled). Tastewise, it was a bit too spicy for me.

Dipping sauce and condiments for the BBQ. Upper left is something like salt and pepper, upper right one tastes like taucu (fermented bean sauce). We have no idea what is the one in the biggest bowl. It looks like some radish in soy sauce.

The Mo Dem BBQ set, RM 50 for 2 person, consists of pork cutlets, some enoki mushrooms, and er… onions. The staff there took the initiative to grill the meat for us, so we just continue with our conversations and munching on banchan (we wanted to do it ourselves actually, really). The meat were not marinated but you can eat them with the dipping sauces and leafy greens.


And lastly, some Korean Fried Rice Cakes, RM 13, in red pepper sauce which is quite a letdown. The rice cakes were kinda thick and chewy, while the sauce is bland.

Apart from the above items, we spied that they also serve bibimbap and Korean porridge too. Shall drop by again next time, considering the food were not bad and there’s no service charge/government tax charge.


Restoran Korea Yea Won
6, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: 05-546 5779
(Not sure of the operating hours but they closes at 3pm for break and reopen at 6pm for dinner)

Read this, in case you haven’t.

34 thoughts on “Conquered By Korean Barbeque

  1. wot wot.. no bulgogi, galbi or ox tongue…?! lol.. my favs la those.. how was the kimchi? was it sour and spicy enough? only few restaurants get the kimchi right.. 😉

  2. wei, there’s another Korean outlet around that area. tried that, a wee bit more pricey, but food not bad. book you next time k? haha …
    and I’ll ‘TRY’ to be excited again…. =P

  3. Hehe, me so far no yet try any Korean food, but hubby did. He tried in Korea during his business trip there. Hmm…must pester him to bring me for nice Korean food. 😛

  4. Cumi&Ciki: We didn’t order those cos Citygal can’t take beef. The kimchi was quite normal, nothing special about it.

    J2Kfm: A new shop? Haha, okay.. let’s see where should we go next time.

    Ai Wei: You like cold noodles?

    Precious Pea: Yeah, I was surprised too. Never know that Korean BBQ is nice.

    Kenny: A mix of cold and spicy… guess those who can’t accept it might end up with stomach upset.

    NKOTB: I guess many eating places opened in Ipoh already.

    Mimi: Which one you normally go?

    Nic: Pears? No leh, they does tastes like radish. Not sweet at all.

    Little Inbox: Wah, authentic Korean food. Yeah, must ask him to bring you at least once. 🙂

  5. Haha … as much as I am tempted to try out this place … I wouldn’t. Why? Simply because if I visit Ipoh … I’d go for local delicacies la. These stuffs .. KL a lot ! And … hehe .. I am visiting Ipoh and Penang tomorow … yee hah !

  6. Jun: Too late… already digested. 😛

    SC: Ox tongue really good? :S Quite skeptical to try that.

    Tim: Haha, of course! These places are for us Ipoh folks 🙂 Have a safe trip ya.

    Simon: Of course. ^^

  7. BBO: I love KL! :p

    LotsOfCravings: Poor Ipoh… :p

    KampungBoyCityGal: Hahaha! She sounded like in a hurry like that.

    PenangTuaPui: Hey, I’m no sifu! You’re welcome though. ^^

  8. Hi… a very interesting blog of yours. Get to know your blog through durianberry.
    I like korean bbq especially this one of yours with the dippings of radish in soy sauce. The one that I had in Penang does not have this type of sauce.

  9. VKeong: Yes indeed.

    KNizam: You can try that at any Korean restaurant.

    XLB: Em…. dim sum is sooo packed la… prefer somewhere quieter.

    Christine: When when?

    Durianberry: Korean food is not very expensive. Go try ^^

    Mama Bok: No korean food over there?

    CK Lam: Hello, thanks for visiting. We didn’t eat the radish though as we think that it will be very salty.

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  11. Operating ours are 11:30am to 2:30pm for lunch and 5:00pm to 10:00pm for dinner time 🙂
    It closed on every Monday.

    New menu is coming out very soon as I heard.

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