Dragon Gate Dim Sum, Kota Damansara


Uh, no. This is not related to any kungfu or martial arts school whatsoever. But how cool it would be if the waiters and waitresses are able to deliver your order to your table by walking in the air, yeah?


Coincidentally, when Motormouth dragged me along for dim sum here, another friend of mine asked us to buy the Living Social voucher for Dragon Gate as well. So, yeah… I actually been here twice.

Conventional classics like har gau (prawn dumplings), siew mai (minced pork and prawn dumplings), char siew pau (BBQ pork bun) and crispy woo kok (deep fried yam puff) are available here among others. However, the famed and multi-branched Jin Xuan Hong is just a few streets away; so, to survive in the competition, one has to be creative and innovative.



Dragon Gate came up with some quirky selection like Shanghai fried rice sheets with shrimps (transparent rice sheets resembles jelly), Wasabi shrimp balls, Pheonix shrimps with seaweed, HK’s style cha leong (yau char kuey wrapped with rice sheet), Shanghai xiao long bao and the list goes on. The spinach HK chee cheong fun looked as pretty as it tastes, the rice sheets were slippery smooth and not too thick in size.




My other personal pick would be the lau sar bao/nai yau bao (custard salted egg bun), sweet potatoes and yam cake – deep fried to perfection, egg tart, and Shanghai xiao long bao. The custard salted egg bun were not up to our expectation during our first visit as the filling has harden up, rather than lava molten-alike but the issue was rectified during our second visit. The sweet potatoes and yam cake can be rather filling as they are about 2/3 the size of a ping pong ball, so indulge with care. I’ve tasted better xiao long bao in Guangzhou, China before but Dragon Gate did a pretty good job on this as well.



As for dessert, I love the mah tai kang (egg drop dessert with water chestnuts and white fungus). Reminds me very much of my mom’s version. The durian pancake, as expected, has more cream than durian flesh, while the mango pudding would be better without the evaporated milk.

Overall, quite a pleasant dim sum experience at Dragon Gate. There are some hit and misses, which is no surprise as they just started operation about a year ago. But with the reasonable price tags and slightly lesser crowd than other dim sum joints, I wouldn’t mind to come again.


Dragon Gate Dim Sum
1-1, Jalan PJU 5/3,
Dataran Sunway,
47810 Kota Damansara
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel No : 017-626 7026

Business Hours: Breakfast until 3pm daily


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