New Zealand On A Plate: Patagonia Chocolate, Queenstown

Queenstown in the morning

When New Zealand is mentioned, immediately breathtaking landscapes, kiwi fruit, extreme sports like bungy jumping (wheeee!!), sheep, kiwi bird, Les Mills :p and Lord of The Rings will come to mind. Comprised of two main landmasses; the North Island and South Island, New Zealand is a must-visit for all nature-lovers.

After the Christchurch February 2011 quake, we were skeptical to stay and travel around Christchurch. We then decided to rent a car and tour the South Island, from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo (along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin), then further south to Queenstown (and the surrounding area such as Cromwell and Milford Sound), to Franz Josef at the West Coast region (glacier!), up to Picton at the north of South Island, back to the East Coast region to Kaikoura and finally, Christchurch for our flight back. Of all the places we went, Queenstown is one of the places we felt in love with. From food to shopping, scenery to weather, extreme sports to the hospitality of the people there – this charming resort town has so much to offer and yet, so little time to indulge ourselves.

Queenstown lakefront with The Remarkables mountain range at the background


Travelling to NZ during autumn proved to be a chilly experience, something that can never be experienced back in Malaysia. But it would turn out to be really cold, with the lowest temperature reached 4 degrees Celcius while we were there, so a cup of hot chocolate would be perfect. Talking about chocolate, how about chocolate for breakfast?


Opens from 10am – 10pm daily (business hour varies during autumn and winter season, best to check ahead), Patagonia Chocolate appears as one of the top pick for quick eats in the Lonely Planet’s New Zealand guide book. Patagonia offers more than what a foodie could find; home-made chocolates and ice creams, lakefront location and free wi-fi too.



They have four types of hot chocolate, CK chose the Lavender Chocolate (NZD 5 for small). A faint smell and taste of lavender infused into the hot chocolate soothes the senses at first sip… we kept on sniffing on the aroma! EQ chose the original dark (NZD 6 for big).


Something more refreshing, Berries Smoothie (NZD 7.50 for small).



For breakfast, they have 7 choices, ranged from croissant to bread, muesli, salad, yoghurt or combination of them. Chocolate Croissant (NZD 12) came in a set of 3, drizzled with their home-made thick chocolate sauce and serve warm. The croissants were one of the best I’ve tasted so far; buttery, soft and moist and the chocolate sauce complement it very well. EQ and EY shared the Croissant Breakfast (NZD 10), also came in set of 3 with 4 types of spread (butter, peanut butter, cream cheese and blueberry jam).


We did not try this as we were stuffed but just for your info (if you haven’t know this already) that Hokey Pokey ice cream (vanilla ice cream with crushed sponge toffee) is second best-seller in New Zealand after vanilla.

Patagonia Chocolates
50, Beach Street,
Queenstown 9300, New Zealand.

Tel: +64 3-442 9066
Business Hour: 10am – 10pm daily
(Business hour varies during autumn and winter seasons)

5 thoughts on “New Zealand On A Plate: Patagonia Chocolate, Queenstown

  1. Lonely Planet’s recommendations are usually very good! I’ve tried them in several cities before, very useful. The chocolate croissant looks amazing! Looks so rich in taste.

    By the way, I’m Wen Ching from Sugar Bean. I’ve moved from the old blog to Can you please update your blogroll? Thank you very much! =)

  2. @WC, yeah.. we actually followed Lonely Planet’s guide in NZ and Hanoi as well, their recommendations are usually great. Updated my blogroll!

    @Ai Wei, hahaha go get it, girl.

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