Revisit: Meng Kee Steam Soup, Taman Paramount

For someone who often eat out, I personally think that I need sufficient nutrition for my daily chores, work and of course, teaching classes (I’m a freelance BodyPump instructor now, in case you don’t know!). And by nutrition, I’m not referring to supplements we can get on pharmacy shelves. I’m referring to the most basic type of food that Asians been practising since hundred years back – SOUP.


I’ve made my efforts to at least visit my favourite soup place once a month, but the plan seems failed several times, haha. I got to know about this place from my friend 3 years ago and it totally slips off my mind when I moved to PJ. Apparently, they have been on business since 1960! That’s 51 years! While reading back some of my old posts, I reconnected with this place again and I was glad that they are still operating from their original spot outside the Giant supermarket. Planned to bring Motormouth here but couldn’t fix a date and time so far… Brought WMW here once and they were closed! Talk about luck, man…


Their pricing has not gone up much in the past 3 years, which was a good thing for me! They have two types; vegetable-based like ABC (carrot, potato, tomato soup), watercress, yellow cucumber or old cucumber, salted vegetable, lotus root etc and herbal-based like ginseng chicken, cordyceps and so on (both are not meat free). Vegetable-based costs about RM5-6, while herbal ones would doubled the price of vegetable-based. They have some side orders like beancurd, vegetables with shallot oil, steamed minced pork and so on. They also have special dish of the day and they’re different on daily basis, so enquire beforehand. The picture above was my Pau Sum with chicken (RM16 if not mistaken). Pau sum is a type of Chinese herb, has a faint smell of ginseng but taste bitter. Fortunately, the soup wasn’t bitter at all, very flavourful and enough to be shared among two adults.


Side dish of the day, wild boar curry. It’s been a long time since I had such great wild boar curry (used to love Wong Hoi San’s version in Cheras but it’s kinda far for me now). The gravy was thick and redolent of spices, such a great companion to white rice!


The 3 Yolks Egg (sam wong dan, comprises of chicken egg, salted egg yolk and century egg) came piping hot to our table in a smooth, soft and wobbly texture. Although it was good, we found it lacked of salted egg yolk. We would prefer more!


A total bill for two comes up to about RM30, which I think was pretty decent. So, soup anyone? 🙂

Meng Kee Steam Soup
Stall No. 9, Jalan 20/16,
Taman Paramount, PJ.

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11 thoughts on “Revisit: Meng Kee Steam Soup, Taman Paramount

  1. @Claire, wobbly = dan har, dan har :p

    @Kathy, hello! thanks for dropping by.

    @Princess, Nokia X3 🙂

    @J, yep at FF and TF. Come spot my name Jason C 🙂

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