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It’s been a while since my last DU Project’s post and my, many new eateries have been popping out all around Damansara Uptown, especially the corner near to OCBC Bank! We noticed that Tang Shifu, Bone and Pot, Jojo Pan Mee, a nasi padang shop and Japanese fast food concept shop (couldn’t recall the names for both) are the latest addition to this bustling commercial square.


I had one of the best dry Vietnamese noodle at Viet Passion few years back (now ceased operation) and I couldn’t find any other replacement for it ever since. Du Viet probably is the only Vietnamese restaurant available in DU and located just in front of my office. They’re under the same group that manage La Lot (Pavilion), Du Viet (KLCC) and O’Viet (Sunway). I have been itching to try this place but the other members of the gang (my colleagues) are not so keen… hence, Du Viet has been chucked aside until one fine day, my colleagues finally gave in to my perpetual nagging. :p



Perhaps I set my expectations too high, as I was a little bit taken aback with the serving size. Although looked very healthy, the portion of the grilled meat on skewers were definitely not enough for the boys. And it would be good too if they have a all-in-one combo for the noodles (grilled meat and spring rolls).


The Pho Bo Dac Biet (Special Mixed Beef Noodle) was okay, the broth was beefy yet light. Their desserts on the other had, were rather good. Three Colours Delite (bottom left), a combination of grass jelly, cendol, red bean, some coconut milk and low-fat cream topping was refreshing without being overly sweet or heavy to the palate. The Vietnamese Cendol was quite normal, with a great resemblance to our local cendol, except for the red bean substitutes with mung bean.


Du Viet
41A & 43A, 1st Floor,
Uptown 37, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7726 8101
Fax: 03-7726 7101
Web: http://www.duviet.com.my/page_outlets_uptown.html
Location map: Click HERE.

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7 thoughts on “DU Project – Du Viet

  1. Hmm, guess the meal did not go so well huh?
    Yeah, Uptown’s packed with eateries, just that the area’s equally congested with cars day and night.
    Maybe weekend would be a better time?

  2. Claire, ooo really? Shall try out their cendol when I’m there next month.

    J2kfm, just average. Yeah, weekend would be better but some coffeeshops will be closed though.

  3. this place never really caught my interest.. i remembered trying Du’Viet years ago in another branch. food was ok, but never had the urge to return…

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