Visiting Precious Pea at Asian Gourmet Hut, Doncaster East, Melbourne

Sitting in the airplane for eight hours is not a fun thing to do (imagine those who had to be inside the plane for more than 10 hours!), so after our itinerary for Melbourne was planned, we just had to slot Asian Gourmet Hut into the agenda eventhough our time was rather packed.. Why? Because we’re gonna visit Precious Pea there!

Few days before our flight, Precious Pea’s hubby passed us 5kgs of dried anchovies for us to bring them over to her. And she used them to prepare this:


Precious Pea’s famous mee hoon kueh! Alright, before I go further into the food, if you haven’t know, Precious Pea is now staying in Melbourne with her sister, brother-in-law (BIL) and nephew. Together with her BIL, they took over Asian Gourmet Hut in Doncaster East from its previous owner and they have been on business since May 2010. We’ve heard lot of good stories on the food (her BIL worked in a Chinese restaurant in ZhongShan before this), especially her mee hoon kueh.


We gathered as much people as we could, including our host PY, Ramon, Jason, Dr. Jun and her boyfriend, Dave at Asian Gourmet Hut that night. Expect Asian/Chinese cuisines, both authentic and some with a twist on the menu. All of us love the mee hoon kueh, with anchovies-based stock. The hand-pinched flour “noodle” has the right thickness and best of all, it was served with homemade sambal belacan!


Jun ordered the Long Beans with Chicken Giblets as she loves this dish. Stir-fried with some chillies and taucu (fermented bean paste), it takes CK and me some time to actually try the giblets (as you might know I’m not a fan of innards), and surprisingly, we found it to be rather pleasant to bite on. Crunchy and free of foul smell (as I usually expect them to be), we polished the plate clean.



Dishes that came after the long beans were recommendations by Precious Pea herself. The quail in ginger and spring onion taste very much alike to chicken wing, albeit a smoother texture of the meat. Salt and pepper pork belly taste as pretty as the colour, with chopped spring onion, chilli, garlic and onion thrown in. While Ramon showed little interest on the aubergine/brinjal, PY and I like it a lot. Plenty of other ingredients were included such as diced peppers, spring onion, minced meat and mushrooms, all swimming in a thick and gooey gravy. Perfect match for white rice!



For dessert, we spotted the dry tong yuen (flour dumpling), hence we ordered some to try. They actually looked more like mua chee (rice flour dumpling) with grounded black sesame or peanut filling, dusted with icing sugar and green tea powder. Seriously good stuff, the warm black sesame paste was filled to the brim! Other stuff we had that night includes the stir-fried asparagus with butter, braised beef brisket and double-boiled papaya with snow fungus and almond kernel.

Everyone seems enjoyed the meal with laughter and plenty of chit-chat. We actually stayed till their closing hour and no doubt, we were the noisiest group around! Thanks to Precious Pea and her brother-in-law for the wonderful spread of food and service!

Asian Gourmet Hut
12, Mitchell Street,
Doncaster East,
Vic, 3109 Melbourne, Australia.

Tel: +65-9840 7511
Business Hour: 12pm – 9pm (weekdays), 11.30am – 9pm (weekends)
Closed on Wednesdays.


18 thoughts on “Visiting Precious Pea at Asian Gourmet Hut, Doncaster East, Melbourne

  1. @PP, you’re most welcome. Thanks for hosting us! We’ll see you in Feb when you’re back ya 🙂

    @J, agree with you 🙂

    @Lotsofcravings, if only you haven’t relocate to Brisbane, then we could get together too!

    @Claire, yeah, thanks to AA. Well, if you’re travelling with family or friends, 8 hours is still bearable.

    @Ai Wei, yes yes 🙂

    @Mimi, I’m sure you will love it!

  2. So glad to hear PP is doing so well now ;-). Hopefully can drop by if we ever going Melbourne again 😀

    Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderfully delicious new year ahead!

  3. Been missing Precious Pea too; been ages since we saw her last. Perhaps 2011 will be a good year to drop by Melbourne too. 🙂

    And let’s not forget a festive greeting: May you and all your loved ones have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with love and joy…

    Hugs from Devil & Kenny 🙂

  4. Wow- the food does look very homely and comforting! I’m drooling at the mee hoon kuey especially… Quick q: I thought Aus is really strict on food- how come the anchovies got through?

  5. SC, Happy New Year!

    Babe, thank you! Same to you too!

    LFB, thanks Kenny. Happy New Year to you and Devil too. Send my regards to him ya.

    Yiling, ooh… as long they’re securely packed, they will let you through 🙂

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