Tom Phat, Brunswick, Melbourne

I’m freaking miss Melbourne!!!

My friends would look at me in the eyes with weird expression and say that Melbourne is boring. Aside from that, I think that Melbourne is charming in its own way; the streets are generally clean, the Yarra river and its surrounding area (Southbank, South Wharf) are very well organized (with jogging tracks by the riverside), great food and efficient public transportation.


We were brought to this little cafe at Sydney Road on our first morning by our pretty host, PY for breakfast. According to PY, they serves Asian dishes with a little bit of Western touch (or was it the other way round?). The menu is simple and straightforward, no colourful illustrations and it is divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, desserts and appetizers. Or, you could also refer to the blackboard for special items offered for the day.


PY’s “Roti omelette wok tossed eggs – roti, bacon with chives and roasted tomato salsa” (AUD13.90) is a dish created from frying roti (roti canai!) with eggs, chives, pork bacon and drizzled with roasted tomato salsa. The moment I saw it, I wondered how many eggs they throw in it because the portion – it was huge! A bit too heavy for breakfast, I would say. A very eggy dish, the roti can fill you up in no time.


The “Viet eggs wok fried with chilli, soyfried shallots, spring onion and toast” (AUD9.90) look promising, but sadly the soy sauce was tad too much till it drenched the toasts below it, rendered the toasts almost inedible because they were so salty.


WMW’s “Duck spring rolls with shitake mushrooms and five spice” (AUD9) was better – the skin wasn’t greasy and filling was moist and flavourful.


I ordered the item from the blackboard, “Goan scrambled eggs with spicy chorizo, curry leaves and roasted tomato” (add a toast too) – AUD11.90. Again, big portion and by now, you should have noticed that egg is a popular ingredient for breakfast here. Mine was not bad, the eggs were scrambed and tossed with chorizo and curry leaves – the chorizo, which was mentioned as “spicy” here was not spicy at all and requires a little bit of jaw exercise to chew. Almost unable to finish it because it was filling up my stomach really fast!

Overall, a pretty satisfying breakfast, apart from the salty toast. Friendly service and affordable pricing (if you don’t convert it to MYR, of course!).

Tom Phat
184, Sydney Road,
Brunswick 3056,
Melbourne, Australia.

Tel: 9381 2374
Fax: 9380 5793
Business Hour: Sat – Sun, 8.00am – 11.00pm

11 thoughts on “Tom Phat, Brunswick, Melbourne

  1. @Lotsofcravings, in fact, almost all our meal in Melb were Asian! Surprise but true!

    @Ant, ahahaha!

    @Leo, belated congratulations to you! Time to book again? ๐Ÿ™‚

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