DU Project: Village Park

*This post is for J2Kfm, who will be relocating to PJ in Dec 2010.

The person I mentioned above has been harassing asking me to write about Village Park, the famous and perpetually crowded restaurant that serves nasi lemak at Damansara Utama/Uptown. And I have been trying to avoid that… I mean, come on, for those who are staying in PJ, who doesn’t know about the famous Village Park? No matter what time you go there (except when they’re closed), the crowd would spill until to the roadside and the neighbouring shop front.


So, needless to say more, the people came here for the nasi lemak. The two shoplots restaurant is a favourite haunt for people working in DU itself, especially for breakfast and lunch as it is air-conditioned. If you are having their nasi lemak or other items on the menu, you can just find a table and place your order via the waiters. However, if you want to have nasi dagang instead, you would have to queue up. A usual nasi lemak without any other side dish is just RM2.50. There is a pricing board above the food counter to inform you the cost of every side dish. If you add rendang (beef slow cooked in spices and coconut milk), the price will shot up to RM6.50. Portion wise, it is not a big one, so big eaters would want to request for more rice.


Sometimes when I don’t feel like having nasi lemak, I will go for their nasi dagang instead. I’m not certainly sure if their nasi dagang is the authentic version, but the use of glutinous rice to replace the white rice really caught my attention at first. There are plenty of dishes you could choose from such as sambal petai udang, rendang ayam, gulai ikan tongkol, kacang botol goreng belacan, fried chicken and so on.



If rice is not suitable, you could still order their other stuff, like the Mee Rebus or Lontong. I couldn’t comment on the Lontong but I had the Mee Rebus before. It is not spicy at all and they are quite generous with the ingredients. One thing good about this place is, eventhough the queue is scarily long during lunch hour, the service is quick and efficient. They employed a lot of Malays (or Indonesian Malays) as waiters and waitresses, so your order will arrive in a jiffy.

Restoran Village Park
5, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 PJ.

For a list of whole bunch of bloggers who posted about this place before, just Google Village Park Nasi Lemak!

13 thoughts on “DU Project: Village Park

  1. Ah! My favourite nasi lemak place EVER! (Saw your link on FB and since it’s Village Park, I simply can quite resist!)

    In my early days at VP, I’d try everything – and it’s all generally good, especially the nasi dagang (usually sold out by 11am or earlier most days) and the wafer-thin roti bakar.

    But these days, my orders are automatic: Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng. Can’t go wrong with that, nor bored (apparently). πŸ˜€

  2. My dear J2kfm, you are always welcomed to be a part of the team :p

    J, yep yep

    LFB, hey bro thanks! Yea, pretty much the same for me, except when on those days I crave for beef, I would have the rendang instead

  3. dropped by!(since the day at academy of pastry, lol)
    anyways i wonder how you write so much details, so proo! are you studying mass com or something? hmmm anyways theres this nasi lemak at SS2 oposite the Balai Polis in the morning, super sedap hehe πŸ˜€

  4. Yo CCC (lol!), thanks for dropping by. Mass com? No lah, me studied IT last time. Think it’s important to put as much info as possible so readers can benefit from it lo. SS2 police station! Is it open on weekends too?

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