DU Project: Fat Spoon

Have you notice that there are more and more eateries with vintage-retro theme appearing in the Klang Valley food scene? First, we have Otak-Otak Place, followed by The Wok Cafe and recently, I found out that Spring Valley (under the Tai Thong group) in Mid Valley has closed down and gave way to three new eateries, Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh, Reminisce and the third one, I’ve forgotten the name.


Fat Spoon jumped into the trend and opened its door to the public in August 2010, right smacked next to Hon Kee Porridge (yet to blog about that one, coming soon). If you ask me which would be my favourite out of the four (Otak-Otak Place, The Wok Cafe, Reminisce and Fat Spoon), I would choose Fat Spoon as it is different from the other three. Instead of displaying memorabilias all around the place like OOP or Reminisce, they mix and match the furnitures and somehow, it exudes a harmonious blend of rustic, charming and cosy feel to the humble little cafe. I love the design of the main door, while Pig Girl and Janise were really amused on how they make the menu out of children storybooks. Click here to read on how the concept came about.


“My grandma used to have that cabinet to keep her plates and bowls!” And Fat spoon used this to keep their sauces and condiments.


Fat Spoon is a pork free cafe and claimed to serve Asian & Nyonya cuisine with a twist, prepared using grandma’s recipes. They have set lunch, which they rotate on a daily basis and a ala carte. Most of their recommendations are wrote on the big blackboard for easy reference. Set lunch (RM9.90) comes with a main and a drink, such as the Chicken Basil Rice – Janise’s comment: Not too bad, the minced chicken were flavourful.


Pig Girl is a big fan of beef and detest spicy food the most. Unfortunately for her, the Beef Macaroni Soup is spicy, so she went for Fat Spoon Tangy Beef Noodle (RM11.90). A big bowl of rice vermicelli drenched with tangy soup, minced beef, beef slices, beef balls, tomatoes and bean sprouts. I like the soup, not too sour and spicy but Pig Girl claimed that it was too spicy for her!


The Ulam Fried Rice (RM11.90) has sufficient adequacy of the fire (wok hei), with separate, fluffy grains and pleasant smell from the mixture of herbs and vegetables. The accompanied fried chicken; I could taste the spices used to marinate the chicken (turmeric and perhaps, curry powder?), however it could be better though, I personally feel that the meat was a little bit tough.


I wouldn’t mind to come again, as I think that they did a pretty good job during this two months since their opening, thanks to the people behind it: Nurvia Ooi and Michelle aka Chelle (I think they’re cousins). Would love to try their Perut Ikan, Nyonya curry and desserts on my next visit.

Fat Spoon
No. 73, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 PJ.

Tel: 03-7728 3323
Email: fatspooncafe@gmail.com
Closed on every Saturday.
Pork free. Wifi available.

22 thoughts on “DU Project: Fat Spoon

  1. Though none of those seem appealing enough, but I wouldn’t say no to a retro-themed eatery like this. And Perut Ikan sounds like a good bet, though I am not sure I still have it in me to stomach (pun intended) that dish.

  2. @LL, come more often then. Hehe.

    @Little Inbox, it was nice.

    @Leo, breakfast ah… not sure cos they didn’t display their operating hours.

    @Andy, come come ๐Ÿ™‚

    @J, and it’s nearby?

    @Mimi, hehe yep!

    @Claire, gonna take more pcitures of the decor next time.

    @J2kfm, dude, your tastebuds are getting higher! I’m sure your stomach can handle that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow, I loved the old cabinet! My family used to have a few of this but we threw them away after they became too rotten and beyond repair!

    The food looks appetising too. Would love to come here one day soon!

  4. I have that same cabinet at home. But it has seen better days, one of my projects is to restore the cabinet to it’s full glory ๐Ÿ˜‰ Retro is in mar. Hehehe…

    The beef noodles look awesome!

  5. @Tofugirl – Yeah, I like that too!

    @Neko-Hime – Beef!

    @Unkaleong – Yeah yea, retro is the trend now I guess. Your home still using the cabinet now?

    @Monica – you’re welcome and thanks!

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  7. Hi Jason,

    First of all, thank you for the write up & great photos!

    FYI, for the whole month of February, Fat Spoon will be opened 7 days a week. Starting March, our closing day will be on Monday. So, patrons can now visit us Tues – Sun, 11.00am – 10.00pm.

    Btw, yes, Chelle and I are cousins! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope to see you again.


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