Thai Thai, Hilton Arcadia Resort & Spa, Phuket


Why was I ended up at Hilton? That is because my friend joined the Hilton membership and has one night free stay voucher at any Hilton hotels/resorts around the world… hence, during a short gateway to Phuket in August, we stayed one night at Hilton Arcadia Resort & Spa, Karon Beach and moved to Patong the second day. Being a member has quite some privileges such as free buffet meals, 50% discounts on group dining, free upgrade to luxury suites and so on. If you’re interested to join or know more about the membership offers, do not hesitate to contact me.


Initially, we wanted to have our dinner at those local shops but little did we know, Hilton Arcadia is a huge place! There were about 3 pools, 3 tennis courts, 4 restaurants and one golf course all stretched out on a 75 acres of lush tropical gardens. Walking from our rooms to the lobby easily takes about 15 minutes. So we decided to have our dinner in one of the in-house restaurant instead with 50% membership discounts. Since Sails was having seafood night that particular day (we’re not a seafood fan), we decided to go for Thai Thai for some fiery Thai delicacies.


For your info, this place is not related to another Thai Thai restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. The place was tastefully decorated with a combination of modern and rustic Thai arts. Menu was extensive but we did not see pomelo salad or mango sticky rice in their dessert section, though. We received a complimentary appetizers (not sure if it’s for all patrons or only for Hilton members); minced chicken salad (foreground) was gorgeous with a tangy dressing, vegetable roulade (middle) was ok, nothing fancy and grilled black pepper chicken cutlets was lip-smackingly delicious.


A traditional Thai spicy and sour prawn soup with lemongrass, galangal and button mushrooms (275 Baht). This was one of the better Tom Yum I’ve tasted in Phuket. However, the gripe kicked in later; CK claimed that the prawns doesn’t taste very fresh.


Northern-style stir-fried Australian scallops, baby corn, sweet basil and young peppercorns (425 Baht). 4 pieces of large, fresh (checked) Australian scallops were seared and then stir-fried with long beans, baby corns, sweet basil leaves and young peppercorns. The scallops were really fresh, plump and juicy but the sweet basil somehow masked the flavour of the scallops. The baby corns were crunchy and sweet, unlike any other I had before, which were usually bland.



The last two dishes sadly, did not live up to our expectations. The Steamed Cod Fish with Red Curry (340 Baht) was disappointing as it was overcooked, rendered the meat dry and tough. The same goes to Steamed Chicken with Lemongrass and Thai Herbs (355 Baht) – the presentation was quite messy with all the crushed lemongrass on top of the chicken but the aroma of the lemongrass was quite soothing. Other than that, there is nothing to shout about.


Still got space for dessert? Of course! I had the Tub Tim Krob with Coconut Ice Cream (170 Baht), which came with not only just red rubies (water chestnuts), but also green and yellow ones and some coconut flesh. It was a trick on the palate as the coconut ice cream itself is sweet but the thick coconut milk was salty. Contrasting flavours in one simple dessert.


Thai Thai Restaurant
Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa
333 Patak Road, Karon Beach,
Muang, Phuket, Thailand 83100

Tel: 66-76-396433
Fax: 66-76-396136

Opens for dinner only, 6.00pm – 10.00pm (Monday – Saturday). Closed on Sundays.
Web: Click here.


8 thoughts on “Thai Thai, Hilton Arcadia Resort & Spa, Phuket

  1. Daniel, Hilton membership is below RM500 per year. I’m sure you can afford it easily. 😛

    Claire, if you like beach and Thailand, give Phuket a try.

    Jasmine, the tom yam was good!

  2. Babe, one night is still better than nothing hehe. What’s SPG?

    Ipohgal, Phuket has a few beaches, Patong would be the most happening one. If you’re bringing kids along, I think it’s better not to do snorkelling.

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