The Good Food of Kuching, Part Three

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If you read about Kuching on WikiTravel, you will see they mentioned interesting about the drinks section. Notably famous drinks in Kuching would be the Teh C Special (3 Layers Tea) and White Lady. So, what is White Lady?


White Lady – a concoction made of evaporated milk, syrup, colourful jellies and a slice of lemon. While the milk and syrup are sweet, the lemon lend a tangy taste to it, balancing the overall taste of the drink. All four of us love it on first sip!


Pardon the flash, but our tables were quite far from any lighting source. Another local drink called Metahorn – made with syrup, cendol, grass jelly, crushed ice and slices of lemon and lime. Quite refreshing, it reminds me of our local leng chi kang.


Of course we wouldn’t just be having drinks, so Danny ordered some char kuey teow and Mi Tomato (tomato kuey teow and yee mee) for us. It comes loaded with squid, pork, char siew and vegetables, all swimming in a reddish tomato-based gravy. It was quite delectable but I think the tomato gravy was a bit mild… as if it doesn’t taste like tomato at all.


Hui Sing Hawker Centre,
Hui Sing Garden,
Stampin, Kuching


But of course, other than Kolo mee, we can’t just leave Kuching without Sarawak Laksa. We went to Kit Siang Cafe (just slightly a stone throw away from Sin Lian Shin) the next morning for Danny’s favourite Sarawak Laksa haunt. Served with rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, chicken shreds, prawns and extra side dip, the soup was really good; flavourful but not too lemak and the spiciness level was tolerable. Must remember to squeeze in the lime juice for extra zing!


Kit Siang Cafe
Jalan Green,
91350 Kuching, Sarawak.
(If Shin Lian Shin is on your left, drive further up along the same street and you will see it on your left)
See map of SLS here.

And that concludes our 3 days food trip on Kuching! Thanks to Danny for being such a gracious host! I’m planning to go back there again, anyone wanna tag along?

13 thoughts on “The Good Food of Kuching, Part Three

  1. Ian, I will be back!

    Claire, it was good and sadly, we don’t have that here in peninsular.

    Tofugirl, yeah!

    Chaokar, go get them!

    SC, nice layering effect eh? 🙂

    J2kfm, next round ah… Nasi aruk, umai…. :p

  2. Jason, congratulation, this is a great blog.

    As a Sarawakian from Kuching, allow me to clarify that there is nothing called “Sarawak Kolo mee or SarawaK Laksa”. There are only Kuching Kolo mee and Kuching Laksa because outside of Kuching, they are not good at all. We do not want visitors to believe that they can get good kolo mee and laksa anywhere in Sarawak because that is not true at all.

    There are actually only a handful of really good kolo mee in Kuching and almost all of them are “Tai Po” Hakka mee.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for the wish and for stopping by. My Sarawakian friends also commented to me after I posted this up that the kolo mee outside of Kuching are different and they labelled them as “non original”. Now I know that the really good kolo mee is only available in Kuching itself. As a food blogger, I really appreciate the details your provided to me. Thank you!

  4. Jason,

    The next time u visit Kuching, u must try the the food in Carpenter Street opposite a temple. They only operate at night. It is a Teochew food stall very famous for their “Sour and Hot Soup”, their sambal prawn, Teochew fried oyster, Kai Lan fried with prawn and fried fish are also great. A lot of KL senior managers of multi nationals know
    about this place.

    Kuching do have some pretty good chicken rice and Kueh chap too. TRy our Kuching chandol, they are much better than those I have tried in KL.

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  6. if go kuching must try kolo mee… laksa… kuih cap…… char Kui which got sweet n salt 2 type….tomato mee/kuih teow……belacan mee hong …. sea foods n many more …. yumy yumy

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