Taman Megah Kolo Mee


Ever since I was back from my Kuching trip in July, I have been craving for kolo mee. The nearest kolo mee fix I could find in PJ would be the stall which operates inside Ming Tien food court at Taman Megah (dinner only), but it is pale in comparison with the one I had in Kuching.

Then one day, while Googling about kolo mee, I saw Masak-masak’s old post about this kolo mee place at Restoran Gembira, Taman Megah!


CK and I decided to drop by the shop on one sunny Sunday morning. The shop was packed to the brim with hungry patrons but we managed to secure a table at the corner. It doesn’t take long before we spotted the stall, manned by an elderly couple and helped by a younger lady who doesn’t talk (the daughter, maybe?). The elder lady, also the cook dons a fancy, round hat and cute apron – really easy to recognise.


Both CK and I agreed that the noodle’s is thicker here, resembling instant noodle’s texture. Although the noodle is tossed with a mixture of garlic oil and some lard, the lardy taste was quite mild. The minced pork was okay, but as expected, the char siu slices were a tad dry and hard. While CK lamented that the noodle doesn’t taste any similar and as good as Sin Lian Hin’s version, I personally feel that it is way better than the Ming Tien food court’s.


The search for the best kolo mee in Klang Valley is still ongoing…

Restoran Gembira
39, Jalan SS 24/8,
Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya
(stall opens till lunch only)
Closes on alternate Mondays.

12 thoughts on “Taman Megah Kolo Mee

  1. Claire,
    Sorry, but I don’t think so. 😦

    Yeah lor! haizz..

    Argh… I want~!!

    I never like that one… πŸ™‚

    I looked more like those thin version of pan mee actually..

  2. Unka,
    Hehehe, sure sure

    Thanks Ciki. Nice to see you in the gym too! Hope you had a good workout.

    There are a numbers of places selling “sarawak noodles” or “sarawak handmade noodles” in Klang Valley but none of them are as authentic as Kuching’s. I read somewhere that apparently, there is a place in Puchong serves a very similar version of Kuching’s, but I have yet to go there and try it myself.

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