One Night Only. The Jaya One Foodcrawl, Part 3 – Divino & Kinnaree

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As we soon as we were done with Bar Madrid, the floggers are getting impatient since the weather that night was scorchingly warm. Most of us let out a sigh of relief when we were directed to Divino, our next stop for some wine before hitting the main course. Divino serves not just wine and single malt whiskeys, but also serves value meals such as Grilled Butter Cod and Grilled Rack of Lamb with Yoghurt and Mint, while the adjoining Pristine Wine Shoppe offers a wide range of Old and New World wines.


The person in charge of Divino, Dawn prepared 4 types of wines for us that night. From left to right: Juno Shiraz (South Africa), Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage (South Africa), Black Cottage Pinot Noir (New Zealand) and Lobster Reef Malborough Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand). For both South Africa red wines we tried that night, I prefer the Juno Shiraz which carries a slight nutty and fruity aroma. Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage has a more intense flavour and colour derived from tannins, while Black Cottage Pinot Noir was slightly spicy but not as heavy as Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage. The only white wine that night, Lobster Reef Malborough Sauvignon Blance was most probably the “palate-friendly” wine as it’s a young wine. Recommended for beginners (like me) and goes well with seafood.



The entourage then scurried away to our first mains for the night at Kinnaree. This beautifully decorated Thai restaurant had us going oohs and aahs; the lotus-shaped plates and lotus napkin holder are synonym with Kinnaree, a mythical Thai creature – half woman, half swan – who lives in a lotus pond. Kinnaree serves set only for lunch and priced at RM12.80+. As for dinner, only a la carte orders are available. Food here start from RM 6 – RM 60 and there’s a wine corkage charge at RM 3 per pax. Kinnaree is a pork free restaurant.


The Yam Som O (RM 16), spicy pomelo salad with chicken, shrimp and cashew nuts, is scrumptious. It’s a combination of different flavours with textures; the rich spicy sauce pairs with the juicy pomelo sacs perfectly.


By now, I get to know that “pla” means “fish” in Thai language. Pla Sam Rod or Deep Fried Boneless Fish with Tamarind Sauce (RM 40 for tilapia, RM 60 for garoupa) was another recommended dish. Boneless fish fillets were lightly battered, deep fried and doused with tangy tamarind sauce. The fish was fresh and the meat firm. A good substitute to the usual steamed fish in lime sauce.


Grilled Australian Ribeye with Spicy Thai Sauce or Crying Tiger or Ser Rong Hain (RM 32), although cooked medium raw, it was rather tough to chew on. Since there were no representative from the restaurant to brief us, we were left in the dark about the name – why Crying Tiger?


Divino & Pristine Wine Shoppe
6-1, Palm Square, Jaya One,
No.72-A, Jalan Universiti,
46000 PJ, Malaysia.

Phone: 03-7955 9968
Contact person: Ms. Dawn Lim

Business Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 12.00am
Sat: 3.00pm – 12.00am
Closed on Sundays.
Accepts Visa/Mastercard/Diners.


Kinnaree Thai Restaurant
12-1, Palm Square, Jaya One,
No. 72-A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ, Malaysia.

Phone: 03-7957 3910
Fax: 03-7957 3920
Contact person: Maggie Ang

Business Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12pm – 3.30pm & 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Sun: 6pm – 10.30pm (Dinner only)
Accepts American Express/Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Japan Credit Bureau Card

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3 thoughts on “One Night Only. The Jaya One Foodcrawl, Part 3 – Divino & Kinnaree

  1. We’ve been to both! Love the setup at Kinaree but Divino had air-conditioning problems when we were there. Better start working on your wine-tasting skills!

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