One Night Only. The Jaya One Foodcrawl, Part 1 – Brisik

A group of bloggers (mainly food bloggers) were invited to an pre-arranged food crawl recently at Jaya One by Ramesh. 18 bloggers. 6 venues. 1 night only.

*Cue music from the song of One Night Only.
“I’ve got one night only, one night only
That’s all I have to spare
One night only, let’s not pretend to care”


Our first stop of the night was Brisik, a little cosy restaurant which is decked in a myriad of colours and serve predominantly Siamese, Indon and Sundanese cuisine. Pricing here starts from RM9 to RM42; set lunch at RM 14.90 while set dinner RM 22.50. We were told that the signature dishes here were Ayam Penyet and Sundanese Flying Fish but we didn’t get to try both that night. Instead, we were served with the Combo Brisik.


Priced at RM 18 for 2 person, the platter consists of Satay Serai (chicken on lemongrass skewer), Satagor (mashed beancurd and potato mix with minced chicken and mix vegetables), emping melinjo and Gado-Gado (vegetables served with peanut sauce). The Satay Serai was rather tasty; moist grilled chicken redolent of lemongrass fragrance, Satagor was ok as it was a little bit mushy. It would be better if more spices were added to it, while the Gado-Gado was forgettable.


Kerabu Mangga (mango salad) with cili padi and anchovies was ok to me, I personally think that it would be much better if the mango they use are younger (yields a more sourish salad).

Brisik is located at:
10-1, Palm Square Jaya One,
No. 72-A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ.

Business hour: 11.00am – 10.30pm daily
Phone: 03-7958 6681
Accepts Master/Visa/Diners Cards

18 thoughts on “One Night Only. The Jaya One Foodcrawl, Part 1 – Brisik

  1. Ramesh,
    You’re welcome and thanks again!

    Aha, you have a point there.

    Yeah… 6 short parts. Or maybe will combine two into one… Let’s see how, k?

  2. wah, we posted at about the same time eh? hehehe
    but you’re writing per place per post ka? so very patient, unlike me :p

  3. SC,
    I’m second behind you 🙂 But I think Quirky Malaysia aka Jeremy posted wayyy faster than us.

    Ai Wei,
    Hahaha, post them separately lor.

    Yes, yes more on the way.

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  5. Was there with my family for lunch. Totally disappointed. Sup buntut and kambing lunak was not good, felt like giving them back. Tauhu telur was nice but overpriced. Nothing like real Indonesian food.

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