Hong Kee Mua Chee & Peanut Gruel

To find this place, drive along Jalan Queen in Pasir Pinji. When you see a small stall under a tree and in front of a single-storey house with sloping driveway, you’ve reached your destination.


The blistering hot sun doesn’t deter the floggers (Jackson, Precious Pea, Teckiee & WMW) from taking pictures and help themselves with the peanut desserts here (we actually took longer time to take pictures rather than enjoying the food!)



At RM2.00 per bowl (used to be RM1.50) and served warm, the peanut gruel was smooth, creamy, fragrant and has the right balance of sweetness to it. As I’m a big fan of peanut, I used to like peanut gruel a lot when I was younger but then, I found those sold elsewhere were either diluted or has the rancid smell to it, hence my interest in peanut gruel diminished gradually. Hong Kee’s version definitely is the better one I’ve tasted so far.


And since we’re here, we couldn’t just leave without trying the mua chee (glutinuous rice flour cake with peanut, RM2). While most proprietors cut up the dough with metal spatula, Hong Kee pinch the balls of dough from a damp-cloth covered pot and toss them individually in the grounded peanut and fine sugar mixture. You could feel the crunch of the grounded peanut and sugar once you popped them in your mouth, and again, the sweetness was just right while the grounded peanut were really crunchy – freshly grounded peanuts, that’s it!


Hong Kee Mah Chee
550A, Jalan Queen,
Pasir Pinji, 31050 Ipoh.

Tel: 012-3828 651
Business Hour: 1.30pm-6.00pm

See more pictures:

18 thoughts on “Hong Kee Mua Chee & Peanut Gruel

  1. Mmmmm. Love mua chee but so hard to find a good one. Have tried too many where its packed with too much sugar so in the end, it’s just SWEEEEEET with a hint of peanut.

  2. Ai Wei,
    Remember to drop by on your next Ipoh trip. 🙂

    Ipoh’s standard 🙂

    Yes yes… or the peanut not fragrant enough.

    Hehehe, then you come over to take it?

    Don’t know what to do with you lah…

    Yes, go try it when you’re back!

  3. The Mua Chee’s good, but somehow … the idea of someone pinching your food with bare hands, right before you bite into them …. ahem.

    Kinda not as appetizing? 🙂

  4. i remember the day when they use to grind the peanut by hand. now a days hor, many plcs use peanut butter.. cheat one! LOL

    ur shots look amazing! next time must cari u go makan di;)

  5. Xavier,
    To know the truth, you have to go there lor. How long has it been since you last stepped into Ipoh ah?

    No no, they grind their own peanuts everyday 🙂

    Can can, let’s meet up someday!

    Actually, I like to eat peanut better straight from the container :p

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