What’s New In Ipoh – Tutti Frutti, Pappa Rich & Burger King

*Notice: Pappa Rich is no longer in operation; however, the new management took up the name Pappa Mia instead.


On a recent trip back to Ipoh, I realized that more local and international chain eateries had finally set up their stores in the Ipoh Garden area, nearby Jusco. Thanks to J2kfm, I got to tour around the city to have a look on what’s new.



A small plot of land opposite Jusco, along the Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah was being re-developed since last year. Called De Garden, a few of the local chain eateries such as Pappa Rich, Burger King and Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (opening in June 2010) are the main tenants. Imagine me jumping in delight when I saw Burger King’s signboard on the building, which once occupied by Courts! They also have the drive thru facility.


Operating under the Naza Group, Tutti Frutti also opened here, however, it’s just a small kiosk compare to the shop lot in TTDI, KL. Famous for frozen yoghurt, it’s been around for 3 months (till to-date), and they offer 6 different flavours at one time (different flavours of frozen yoghurt are available every week) and priced at RM 5.30 per 100 grams.


While J2kfm had the Death by Chocolate and French Vanilla, I picked the original flavour and Mix Berries. The kiosk works on a DIY concept – pick a cup, choose your preferred flavour(s), toppings and pay at the cashier. The machines looked very much like those soft-serve ice cream machines; pull the handle and the yoghurt will be dispensed thru the faucet. My cup of two flavoured yoghurt came to RM15+ with toppings – quite pricey for Ipoh standard. I personally find it reasonable though, as the amount I had could be shared among two adults. Or maybe I’m already used to such pricing standards in the Klang Valley all these while. Taste wise, I like the fruity flavoured yoghurt compare to chocolate and vanilla, as I felt like I’m just having soft-serve ice cream… while fruit-based has this tartness, like how yoghurt supposed to be.


Tutti Frutti
Lot No. G-OR-3,
Ground Floor, De Garden,
No. 3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh,
Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh.
Web: http://www.tuttifruttimalaysia.com.my/

Read also Masak-Masak’s review here.


14 thoughts on “What’s New In Ipoh – Tutti Frutti, Pappa Rich & Burger King

  1. @SC, I think many ppl were hoping they’ll come to Ipoh someday.

    @Little Inbox, more choices for young ppl to “lepak” haha

    @Leo, yeah, will wait and see 🙂

    @Mimi, if just go for yoghurt and omit the toppings, should be quite big portion.

    @Babe, we had those all the time before this! Time to change! :p

  2. Haha … somewhat true lah, for people may think why would Ipoh ppl go all gung-ho with new chain outlets, right?

    But truth is, you can’t expect us to stay with the same old, same old kai see hor fun, sar kok liew, and yim kuk kai all the time, right?

    Time to move on, for Ipoh’s another CITY after all. And the dearth of new restaurants/cafes/bistros (worthy ones, of course) is seriously killing me. 🙂

    So injecting a breath of fresh air to the Ipoh’s F&B scene is indeed, a much, much revered welcome … come back more often lah you!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, somehow… Ipoh really in dire need of some fresh/new idea… else all the young ppl would cabut lari to other states!! Come back more often? You come to PJ and pick me lah! :p

  4. It is good for Ipoh which lack of chain outlets. Normally for Ipohites, they have to travel to KL to taste these foods. A good sign for Ipoh to be rejuvenated instead of always relying on OLD town foods…

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