Exceptional Good Dai Chow at Sim Hap Kee, Cheras

It was one fine weekend evening when I told WMW that I’m bringing her to Cheras for some porky treat…. until we found the shop was closed as soon as we arrived… Bummmmmmer. After a short discussion and guided by WMW’s friend, we ended up at Sim Hap Kee at Taman Connaught, Cheras.


The place was packed but we managed to secure a table under the stairs. Pictures of their dishes with names (in Chinese) were all pasted on the wall, sorta speed up the ordering task. We also saw they put up the blog post by Precious Pea (published on The Star).


One of their must-try would be the unusual Salt Baked Clams. The aroma of the clams whet my appetite instantly as it arrived on our table. No unpleasant fishy taste detected, the clams were juicy and not salty. Great stuff!


Another must order, Fried Squid with Mashed Salted Egg Yolk. No rubbery squid here, you get well-cooked squids; lightly battered, deep fried and coated with a thick layer of mashed salted egg yolks. Lipsmackingly delicious, not overly salty and not too greasy. Must, must, must order!


After two outstanding dishes, the third one didn’t vow me much. The Dong Po Pork, served with buns was a bit strong on the five spice taste, but WMW and CK liked it though. (Thanks to WMW for taking this picture for me).

Will definitely come back again for their clams and other dishes. It is recommended to go early as parking is horrendous in the area.

Restoran Sin Hap Kee
26 Jalan Waras 1,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11.30 am – 3.00 pm & 5.30 pm – 10.00 pm
Closes every Thursday
Tel: 012-319 3381

See more gorgeous pictures at Black Tie, White Lie.


20 thoughts on “Exceptional Good Dai Chow at Sim Hap Kee, Cheras

  1. @J, yeah… must x3 order!

    @William, true also.

    @Ai Wei, yeah, very near your house leh!

    @Babe, it’s okay, it’s still pretty near to you compare to us!

    @Leo, wah… second assault!

  2. how come i missed the dong po yuk during my visit ar???? looks like it’s time for a revisit. ;D the salt baked lalas are good. i can imagine that with some beer too. shiok! ;D thanks for the link, jason!

  3. How can you NOT like Tung Po Yuk?!!! >_<
    Very hard to find REALLY good ones lah …. but Bee Gaik in Ipoh Garden South does a rather commendable one in Ipoh.

  4. I have recently found a newly-open chinese restaurant in bandar puchong jaya by the name “Bai Mi Fan Oriental Cuisine, 13 Jalan Kenari 17D, Bandar Puchong Jaya.
    It has some signature dishes like homestead crispy skn chicken, lime juice steam talapia, claypot bencurd, just to name a few.
    The prices are very reasonable and the restaurant is very NEAT & CLEAN which I value most.
    Try it out. Cheers …

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