DU Project – The Salad Bar

Last month, I posted on my Facebook status, quoting that I would like to initiate a project called DU Project (Damansara Uptown Project) to compile an extensive list of the decent eateries around the area where I’m working right now. I get a lot of good and supporting feedbacks from my colleagues and fellow food bloggers, and hence I present you the very first post of the project here. A very big thank you to my colleagues (Andy, Amy, Han, Janise, MW, Danny) for making this project a reality (sounds like some award presentation speech but never mind that :p)


The Salad Bar opened its doors to the public not long ago, located at the same stretch of shophouses with Hong Leong Bank, facing the open air car park space. Normally, I would not wander into this area as it is located quite far from my office and walking there under the blazing sun is a big NO NO for me. However, my colleagues were ambitious enough to brave the hot weather, so I couldn’t say no.


The place is clean, bright and simple. All you need to do is go to the salad bar (with menu and today’s set above it), tell the waiter your choice of salad or create your own salad by specifying the greens you want, dressing and extra toppings. Pay at the cashier and wait to be served. Their salad portions are quite big, and the names are rather quirky, such as this Old Granny Caesar Salad (RM 11.90); iceberg lettuce, orange, tomato, grilled chicken (Amy substituted it with chicken sausage here) and grated cheese.


Han went for their set of the day (choose from either salad + soup or sandwich + soup). The L.C.C.T. (lettuce, chicken, cucumber, tomato in panini bread) sandwich was decent; the soup of the day was carrot soup (RM 9.90 per set). The soup was quite tasty and not watery, which is much to her delight as she was rather skeptical of having carrot soup at first.


Janise’s High Enery Superman salad (RM 11.90) also came in big portions of red coral leaves, corn flakes, pumpkin cubes, chicken sausage etc.


If veggie alone is not enough for you, they have pasta too. The norm one would be cooked with tomato puree or veggie for vegetarians. I found that my Chilli Mushroom Pasta (RM 7.50) was rather tasty yet simple with chopped mushrooms, chillies, garlic and parmesan cheese.


Too busy to go to the shop? The Salad Bar also do free doorstep delivery (except from 1.00pm – 2.30pm) to offices around Damansara Uptown. Forms are available at the counter.

The Salad Bar
No. 41, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama.

Phone: 012-2011 883 (Harry)
Fax: 03-7722 1742
Email: thesaladbar@email.com
Web: http://www.thesaladbar.com.my/

19 thoughts on “DU Project – The Salad Bar

  1. So one down, how many more to go? 🙂
    (Oh, you just started working around Uptown? Cool – so much good food there! Happy exploring. I’ll be reading your posts intently)

  2. @NomadGourmand, Delicious’ salads are overpriced too.

    @Celestine, yep yep! 😉

    @J, been working here for almost a year now. Yeah, new places are appearing every now and then.. hehe.

    @LotsOfCravings, not sure but will be an ongoing process!

    @J2kfm, didn’t your mom asked you to eat your veggies? :p

    @Leo, maybe Curry Bar! Hahaha.

  3. such a healthy alternative! never noticed it in DU, shall try this soon :). still compiling food list for DU ka? i’ve got some on my mind 😉

  4. Hi,we r really glad to see a post on our small cafe. thanks for listing tsb in your project. we r rolling out new items and more set lunch choices. hope y’all can drop by to enjoy more healthy food. 🙂

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