Fancy Sitting on Toilet Bowl?

Some people told me there’s a cafe with similar concept (toilet cafe!) in Bukit Bintang area. But they didn’t tell me specifically where it is. If you know, kindly drop me a message yah. 🙂


We read about this place on one of the Hong Kong brochure we received. Initially, we didn’t really decided to go there but we were at Causeway Bay one day, hunting for factory outlet stores (wrong place to go for factory outlet stuff) and it was lunch time, so we hop in for a lunch break.


Isn’t this a gorgeous bathroom? :p


We were greeted by the friendly staff at the entrance and immediately we were being asked, “Would you like to sit on toilet bowl or sofa?” We replied, “Toilet bowl!” I admit that I’m easily attracted to new things such as this, but hey, I was on a holiday, so why not? Anyway, the place was decorated with all washroom-related things, such as toilet bowl covers with different countries’ flags, shower head, pipes (connected to form partitions), mirrors and washing basins.


Our “urinal bowl” drinks (medium sized) – Aloe vera with honey and honeydew milk (HKD10 each). The portion given was large (as if a large soft drink you get from McD or KFC), but it would be better if I request them to reduce the ice cubes.


Our main courses were served on a mini toilet bowl, which I think quite unnecessary, eventhough cute, as the bowls took more than half of our table space. The 3 Cups Chicken (HKD30) doesn’t taste like the original 3 Cups Chicken at all and served on a bed of bean sprouts. It was rather spicy with black pepper but my dining companion is fine with it. It comes with rice and a condiment made of crunchy “choy pou”.


My Japanese pork chop (HKD45) served on a bed of shredded raw cabbage and accompanied by a dark, thick sauce that tasted like barbeque sauce. The pork chop was juicy and I kinda like to have it together with the sauce.


For dessert, we had poo! We had no regret ordering this as it was absolutely yummy. The chocolate ice cream (HKD18) was thick, creamy and very chocolate-ty. Served on the toilet bowl which resembles Japanese toilet bowl, the dessert was meant to be shared as it was rather big in portion. Definitely my favourite poo of all time.


Modern Toilet Restaurant
(Causeway Bay branch)
4th Floor, Capitol Centre 5-19,
Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay
(MTR Exit F, located above Watson’s)

Business Hour: 12pm – 12am.
Tel: 2895-6288

17 thoughts on “Fancy Sitting on Toilet Bowl?

  1. Maybe I am too boring but when I see the turd shaped ice cream and toilet bowl cups & bowls I feel like : “Ewwwwww…..”

  2. oh crap ( no pun intended ) but yes there is one in Sungai Wang. It’s the highest floor – some where near the IT section or some floor below. Or that general vicinity! Some how or rather i cannot bring myself to such a shop!

  3. All first 5 commenters were ladies!

    @J, Hahaha! You should try it, it’s fun :p

    @Neko Hime, Oooo, thanks for the info! It’s cute (and ironic at the same time) but I think it was a brilliant idea to decorate an eating place like this.

    @PP, Yes, it’s the same chain. If you see the website, it’s originated from Taiwan.

    @Ai Wei, Hehehe, you need to try it first!

    @Babe, Newly opened? Any idea what’s the name? 🙂

  4. The name of the similar restaurant in Bukit Bintang is called T-Bowl toilet concept restaurant, 3 floor, Sungai been there few times…looks alike with this restaurant u’re mentioning^^

    Another 1 is Fun Ok Cafe, more like a house concept Connaught^^

  5. Oh crap! lolz
    This is certainly “THE” place for people who are into that fetish!lolz
    It’s just EWWWWW for me.
    Btw, my 1st visit, nice blog! ^_^

  6. Wei I think Penang’s Queensbay also named T-Bowl or something. so much for the novelty, not for the food definitely. 🙂

    Some sweet shit you had there …. LOL

  7. Dear Jason,

    I really miss your Ipoh food post althought motormouth have done a good job but we need different perspective on Ipoh food…in fact the more the better!! When can we see your next Ipoh food experience???


  8. @RennRenn, thanks for the info.

    @Gratitude, thanks for dropping by.

    @J2kfm, this one wasn’t that bad, but my friend told me the one in Penang wasn’t good… hmm. Yeah, you just have to use that word, don’t you? :p

    @WMW, No la!

    @Tummtythoz, eEEEeeEEeEeEEEEE

    @LY. Tai, thanks for your thoughts. For the moment, there won’t be any post on Ipoh… but do come back again in 2 weeks time. I should have something up by then. 🙂

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that poo sundae is actually very…cute. I want one 😀

    Your blog is really lovely! Great photography 😀 It looks like you live in a real foodie paradise.

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