Pao Xiang BKT


Now, you don’t have to drive all the way to Klang for the famed BKT in bowls. Pao Xiang recently opened its door to the public at the lower ground floor of One Utama shopping mall. To get here, go down the elevator in front of TGIF, walk straight and you will see a corridor in between Maxis centre and the Chinese medical hall on your right. Pao Xiang is at the end of the corridor.


However, as I mentioned in another BKT post, the taste of the BKT served in bowls are relatively milder than those served in claypot, so if you prefer stronger herbal taste with darker broth, you might get disappointed here. the menu is very simple with two pages only. Choose which cut of meat you like (trotters, half lean half fat, soft bones etc, RM 10 per bowl), add the rice (RM 1.50) or vegetable (RM 9) and tea of your choice. IMHO, I think they could improve on the vegetable as the one we had that night was way too dry and tasteless. As for tea, you could refill your pot with the kettle, kept warm with induction cooker (instead of gas stove we usually see). Soup refills are free.

The three of us had 3 bowls of BKT, 4 rice, 1 veggie and jasmine tea = total RM 54.60 with 5% tax.


Pao Xiang BKT
Lower Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre.
(follow the corridor in between Maxis Centre and Chinese medical hall)

Lot G127 & G128,
Ground Floor, Centro Mall,
No 8, Jln Batu Tiga Lama, 41300

Read the review by Black Tie White Lie here. Not sure whether it’s run by the same owner though.

17 thoughts on “Pao Xiang BKT

  1. Pao Xiang … isn’t this the one in Klang, where they tie the pork up with strands of strings, to eliminate those fat?
    I tried that, in Tmn Berkeley, few shops away from Fatty Mee Hoon Kueh.
    But not so nice, IMO.

  2. the bak itself, how was it? there’s also another BKT shop at the old wing- jusco end…for a few years already..donno whether still operating or not..hehe

  3. SC,
    Er… the bak is the meat? Hehe. I had the squarish-shape meat (ribs I think) and they were tender but as I said, the soup is not redolent with herbal taste. Now that you mention it, I think I saw the old shop when I passed by last week.

    Yeah, no strong herbal smell lingers in the air. 🙂 Guess the price also need to cover the tenancy costs.

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