Gia Long, Central World, Bangkok


Everytime I visits Bangkok, I couldn’t stop drooling over the wide array of sumptuous delicacies they have there, be it on the roadside hawkers or humble little coffee shop to the “grand-looking-but-very-cheap-price-tags” restaurants. Last month marked my fourth visit to the Land of Smiles and with a vegetarian lad in the group, there’s little choice when it comes to meal time, but for the most convenient and time-saving option, just walk into a café or restaurant with English menu and you won’t go wrong.


Located on the sixth floor of Central World Plaza, the E&E couple first spotted this place due to the decorations. As you can see, black and white are the main colors that adorn almost every part of the restaurant and they exudes a contemporary Roman-Greek feel to the overall ambiance. Food wise, there are Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Western cuisine to choose from.


My Bun Cha’s portion (100 Baht) might looked small but it’s enough to stuff half of my stomach… okay, maybe 1/3 of my stomach. Served with a side dip of lime and chilli dressing, the pork cutlets were a bit chewy (the don’t remove part of the skin, that’s why) but yet, very well marinated.


CK was curious about the Crispy Noodle (120 Baht) and it turned out to be deep fried rice vermicelli. Normal stuff, nothing to shout about. The Goi Cuan (70 Baht) was slightly better, with plenty of greens especially basil. Now you know what the vegetarian lad had for that night.


I didn’t touch the Crispy Shrimp (70 Baht) but they were gone in seconds as soon as they landed on the table, so I assumes that they were good. The Pad Thai (120 Baht) wasn’t salty enough for me and a little bit dry too.


Thai Fish Cake (150 Baht) proves to be a good snack; well seasoned although a little spicy and pretty big chunks too. Other than the items above, we also had Pineapple Fried Rice (120 Baht), Lemongrass tea (90 Baht per pot) and Papaya Juice (60 Baht). All for 1542.06 Baht for 5 person… quite cheap I would say, considering the area and ambiance.


Gia Long Cuisine
6th Floor, Central World,
Tel: 0-2255-9654 / 0-2255-9656

10 thoughts on “Gia Long, Central World, Bangkok

  1. the place does look like somewhat a fine-diner. but with reasonable price tags.
    though nothing beats the tried and tested street foods of Bangkok eh? 🙂

  2. i just can’t believe my eyes @@. this place looks so posh but the price is reasonable! love it love it. my bkk trip in next 2 weeks. unsure if i am able to drop by 。。。

  3. J2kfm,
    Can’t help it with a vegetarian in the group. We don’t want him to end up having his meal alonne, you know. 🙂

    They does!

    Ai Wei,
    We were surprised by the prices too. You have a safe trip!


    Not atas at all. Unless you’re referring to the level floor? 😛

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