Hard Disk Crashed

Hello dear readers/fellow bloggers,

Just thinking of updating you, that my hard disk drive crashed last Sunday when I was trying to edit some photos for the next post. I didn’t do any back up before this (DVD writer was faulty and I didn’t bother to replace it), hence all my photos taken in the past 2 years (food/travel/gathering etc) and music files were all gone in seconds. *heartache heartache* >_<"

I would take it to my friend for diagnose and if possible, try to recover the files *fingers crossed*. In the meantime, there won't be any post on Guilin. I will still try to post some updates with another computer (need to learn how to edit photos with Adobe Photo Elements), so do come back once a while to see what's new in the house.


11 thoughts on “Hard Disk Crashed

  1. I am so sorry to hear that, bro. I know how it sucks. I was trying to transfer some old photos from 2007 & 2008 from my old laptop yesterday and found most of them were damaged and couldn’t be read. The whole hard disk may need to be re-formatted.

    The heartache, indeed.

    But let’s not allow ourselves to wallow in sadness over what may be lost; instead let’s look forward to new photos and stories to come (and backing up the files this time).


  2. Oh no… So sorry to hear that happened to you. 😦
    And I hope that you can manage to recover the data on your hard disk!
    (I can understand how sad it is to lose all the memories! I feel the same way about my photos… )

  3. moral of the story… always backup your files no matter what… I did! Some files are too important to be lost forever… be it private or business!!!
    Hope your IT expert friend can solve the problem…

  4. Thanks guys for the comforting words. 🙂

    Yeah, just hope that my friend can do something about the hard disk. Learn from the experience – remember to back up your precious files always!

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