Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant, Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street

*continued from Going Guilin, Day 2


Night falls, and we hunt for suitable place for dinner. Initial plan was to go to Yi Yuan Restaurant, which was recommended by Lonely Planet but the guys were rather lazy after a whole day of walking around, hence we just drop by Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street nearby our hostel for dinner. The crowd outside Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant seems promising, so we decided to give it a try.


Kelvan was rather adventurous and went ahead to order stir fried snails! It doesn’t look like escargot to me but I braved myself to taste it. Stir fried with red chillies and garlic, it was rather chewy with an unknown pungent smell at first bite and crispy tail (does snail have tail?). Calvin didn’t touch it at all. We couldn’t finish it in the end.


Can’t remember what duck is this (probably Pipa Duck). The skin was crackling crispy but a bit too skinny and not much meat to be enjoyed.


Perhaps the best dish of the night was the Black Bean Fish with Chillies. Deep fried fish tossed with black beans and chillies, at first glance, it looked like those canned black bean fish from China (except the fish is freshly cooked). A little salty on its own but goes well with rice.


The beancurd with jerky pork and chillies also not bad but we would certainly prefer the smooth, firm beancurd rather than the coarse, rubbery type that we had. We also had the Pork and Papaya soup which was very lardy (from long hours of boiling of the fatty pork, resulting a layer of whitish foam on top of the soup!). We didn’t finish that as well.

Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant
No. 10, Zhengyang Road, Guilin.
Phone: 0773-2829 542
Open daily: 11:30am-1am.
*Credit cards are not accepted.

*to be continued


11 thoughts on “Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant, Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street

  1. ouch.. not the snails! hahaa…i called it chut chut over here… long time never took those already.. but the other day in penang, i took another type of shells.. something like this but it is white in colour…

  2. i wanted to try snails when i was in vietnam. they looked reli yummy sitting in a big broiler. but becos it was sold at a roadside stall, we weren’t too keen on giving it a go :< i imagine its texture wud be a firmer version of lala, no? ;p

  3. the snails looks the japanese snails (lou) that i’ve tried before..oh, but the black bean fish does looks like those in can! albeit a crunchy version eh?

  4. Ai Wei,
    For a non-snail fan like me, I think it’s a bit gross. Yeah, some sort of non-pleasant smell on first bite…

    Better not to take roadside food… might be contaminated. Em, lala is smaller and not as rubbery as snail… imagine you have to munch the rubbery snail with the pungent smell lingering… >.<"

    Haha, it was my friend who ordered it.

    I think escargot taste better? Haha. Yes, the end of the snail (tip) is crunchy. That's the only part I enjoyed I guess hehe.

    Yeah, the fish in the can is all soft and tender but this one is freshly fried. Not too bad. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, that’s a lot of unfinished food. Back in good ol’ Klang Valley a good place to get decent escargot Chinese-style would be this restaurant in Section 17. Unfortunately for the life of me, I cannot remember its name… 😦

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