Dim Sum @ Kong Mah Restaurant, Sg. Buloh

Do you know that dim sum is being called as the Chinese version of tapas? Tapas is a Spain word, which refer to a wide variety of appetizers or light snacks served and eaten before dinner. While the Spanish have tapas in the evening and dim sum is more to a breakfast or brunch thing, the concept is the same; to encourage conversation while nibbling at different varieties of food and sipping your favourite beverage.


Recently, I was being introduced to a dim sum restaurant tucked away in a corner in a small village cum factory area in Sungai Buloh by a close friend of mine, who claim that the food were quite good. He was brought to this place by his sister’s friend previously, and he has been coming back twice for the dim sum. The area however, is bustling with heavy vehicles going in and coming out from the factory area, which can be quite dangerous to those who are not familiar with the roads.


Trays of goodies will keep coming as soon as you sit down and sometimes the waiters will just put the item on your table when you point to it. The yam puff is pretty good; crispy outside and soft inside, the barbequed pork filling not too sweet and has a smoky flavour to it.


Couldn’t recall what’s this, I think it should be sweet sour fish roll. Normal stuff but kinda weird to served it with crushed peanuts on top.


We loved the siew mai for they added some black pepper to it. The slightly hot sensation complements the juicy pork and shrimp filling very well.


I like the fried lotus dumpling as the lotus paste was thick and creamy but not overly sweet.


They seems to enjoy the har mai and har gao very much too for the skin is not very thick and stuffed to the brim with succulent, big shrimps. Freshness? Checked. Crunchiness? Checked. Size? Checked. Verdict? Pass with flying colours!


I find it quite weird for a dim sum restaurant to serve cookie crust egg tarts. It was alright though, nothing to shout about the taste. The chee cheong fun was pretty normal as well, but the rice rolls seems to be a bit too soft to be picked up with a pair of chopsticks.

Total bill including tea for 4 came to about RM48+.

Read about WaiSikKai’s comment here.

Restoran Kong Mah,
32, Jalan Public,
Kampung Baru Sg Buloh,
47000 Selangor.

18 thoughts on “Dim Sum @ Kong Mah Restaurant, Sg. Buloh

  1. Eh..the dim sum really looks good!
    And the char siew..not the too red and too much sauce type, i like!!
    wht do u think of the 2 most famous ones in KL, Hong Kee and Jin Xuan (or something) compared to this? cos i havent really founda fabulous dim sum place to eat in KL yet!

  2. Hi guys!
    Yeah, it was rather far but for those who stay in Kepong/Bandar Sri Damansara would be nearer.

    I prefer the flaky crust rather than cookie crust.

    Beck, I only been to Hong Kee before and I prefer Kong Mah than Hong Kee, really.

    Ai Wei, yeah, the dim sum were good. The size of the siew mai and har gao are relatively bigger than other dim sum restaurants I went in KL/PJ area. The place is clean and not stuffy eventhough we sat outside, under the tent. Service was fast and friendly too.

  3. Kenwooi,
    Haha, paiseh.

    Now you know! 🙂 You’re back? Jom let’s go for makan soon!

    Do try it!

    It was still good (if it’s the same place)

    Not sure… where did you heard that from?

  4. haha, no. Klang 🙂

    occasionally will go there for dimsum on weekend. but not that often anymore due to the distance and jam that I have to go through.

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