Epilogue: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Karaoke & Otak-Otak Place

*continue from Act 1: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Yang Kee Beef Noodles.

As mentioned at the last paragraph in the previous post, we split up after the second round of breakfast at Yang Kee; Unkaleong, NomadGourmand, Boolicious and Simon went to the OUG wet market to search for the elusive butter cake, while the rest of us went straight to 1U Neway for karaoke session. Click here for the rave review of the cake and directions. Simon did brought a box over to karaoke where we actually polished off the whole box! Ahemm… I actually had only two pieces so the rest went to the stomach of the other floggers. 😛


After much yelling, humming and dancing by Simon, we were hungy again! And so we found our ways to Otak-Otak Place for tea time. As their tea time set only available at 3pm, some of us actually waited 30 mins just to order that! And while waiting, some had the grilled otak otak which was priced at RM 0.60 per stick (normal price RM 1.10) and entertained ourselves immensely by playing Happy Family, relieving the days when I played that with primary school classmates and neighbours.

“May I have Mr Dauber?” “Sorry, not at home!” followed by evil grin and giggles.


I went ahead and ordered the Cucur Otak-Otak (RM 5.50). It resembles a large piece of cracker, cut into half with otak otak in the middle and served with a dip of homemade sambal. Taste-wise, it was rather hard and a bit greasy.


SC ordered another item on the menu (sorry, I couldn’t remember what is it) which looked like steamed otak otak with toasts. I didn’t try it, but I think I remember she mentioned about the texture not solid enough for her liking.


And one of their tea set is the toasts with soft-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee or teh tarik. Decent stuff, the teh tarik/coffee was pretty good by the way.

And that concludes our makan trip for the day, which turned out to be the last food crawl I had with Precious Pea. As I typed this out, she had already set her foot on the ground of Melbourne-land, reunited with her sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I will miss her dearly; her laughter, her cooking, her company. I won’t forget the days when she came all the way to Cheras with Jackson and WMW to bring me out for dinner. I could only wait for the day when she comes back to Malaysia and we could have another food crawl again.

Precious Pea, thank you for everything!

Otak Otak Place
One Utama (New Wing),
311B, Lower Ground Oval.
Near Cold Storage.

10 thoughts on “Epilogue: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Karaoke & Otak-Otak Place

  1. Little Inbox,
    Yeah. And she need to stay there for at least 2 years to avoid their PRs being revoked.

    Hahaha, you have to ask J2kfm for that as it was dim in the room and my pics all blurry!

  2. this is a sure sign that tells me that I have not been to 1 Utama for a long time even though I live in the same area… sigh!!!
    I didn’t even know that there are so many new places opened up near Cold Storage until recentlY

  3. wei, cannot show lah…those ugly sing K pics. hahahahah
    it’s all buried in the archive, forever! 😉

    anyway, i’m glad that i finally met Pea herself. though it was probably the last time for a crawl with her.

  4. Leo,
    Yeah, the old Giant has been replaced with a lot of eateries now.

    Sure sure!

    Er why ah?

    Ai Wei,
    I think that was my second time singing K with them 🙂

    LOL, yeah, you missed that! It was amusing!
    Yeah, I also think that the food at OOP can still be better.

    Will have to wait when she comes back… or else, go to Melbourne!

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