Act 1: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Yang Kee Beef Noodles

*continue from Prologue: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Kung Fu Pan Mee.


After our first stop at Kung Fu Pan Mee, we made our next stop at Yang Kee, OUG. On our way there, Precious Pea forewarned us that we can skip the noodles as the noodles aren’t that nice as previously. But when we reached there, the rest has already placed their orders. The noodles looked tempting from the menu (choose from hor fun, loh shu fan or wantan mee), hence I ordered the wantan mee with minced pork. The noodle was okay, albeit a little greasy. The minced pork somehow very finely minced and lack flavour. The wantan fares better with plump, juicy pork filling.


The braised beef seems not bad with dark, gooey gravy and radish but Boolicious and Precious Pea commented that it lack the “omph” and not as good as it used to be. Although I’m not a fan of beef, I did try a piece of it and it tastes pretty ok for me.


The group split after that; some went to search for the nice butter cake in the morning market in OUG, while the rest decided to go for Karaoke! 😉

*Coming up… last part!

15 thoughts on “Act 1: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Yang Kee Beef Noodles

  1. i shall never read food blog at midnight. make me sooooo hungry now.


    waiting for ur upcoming butter cake post. will wanna track down and buy them 😛

  2. Looks delicious! But I don’t take beef, since the wanton noodles are good, guess I could give it a try. I live near that area, should wake up earlier in the morning next time and have breakfast and buy the butter cake! Haha!

  3. Ai Wei,
    The last part is not about the butter cake.. haha. Sorry. 🙂

    Sugar Bean,
    Yeah, the noodles were pretty okay. They have yong tau foo too if you don’t take beef.

    Precious Pea,
    *Hugs..* We shall organize one again when you’re back to Malaysia! *sobs

    I prefer this one than Ngau Kee as the minced pork topping is more flavourful. Honestly, I would think that Ngau Kee’s minced pork drier than this.

    Yep, correct.

    And it was just breakfast!

    Yong tau foo then?

    Ahaha… something sweet? Would need to refer to my mom. 🙂

  4. aiks..have to wait for part 3 somemore? hahaha.. i still prefer the pan mee to this. hmmm, but you didnt take any pics in the karaoke, right?

  5. SC,
    Nope I didn’t. Yeah… only James took in the karaoke 😛

    Noodle-wise, I prefer this to Ngau Kee.

    Can find in Ipoh? 😛

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