Prologue: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Kung Fu Pan Mee

Precious Pea will be leaving on a jet plane to Melbourne to reunite with her sister and nephew permanently soon, hence she’s been having some aggresive makan trips with her Makan Gang lately. And last month, she gathered some floggers together for a food trip in the Old Klang Road vicinity.


There were approximately 14 of us that day! The PJ Gang (notably Unkaleong, NomadGourmand, WMW, SC, Precious Pea, Simon, Citygal, J2kfm and me) met up at the KFC in SS2 before we carpooled and followed Precious Pea’s direction to the hidden area of Taman Sentosa for Kungfu Pan Mee. And yes, we did bumped into the sifus in front of the shop!


Ordering was chaotic for such a noisy and big group like us, so we resolved to the “angkat tangan” (put your hands up) method, as if an adult is dealing with a bunch of naughty kids. The variety of pan mee they serve here are pretty standard; with soup or the dry version and some other side orders such as pork meat ball, fish balls etc.


The soupy version of pan mee arrives first (RM 5 for small, 6 for big). Came with home made sambal and lime, the broth was sweet and flavourful. The sambal packs a punch and goes really well with the noodle. My only gripe would be the small amount of daun cekur manis they threw into the broth.


As usual, I had the dry version (same pricing as above). It was laden with minced pork, sliced mushrooms, anchovies and daun cekur manis.


The noodle was pretty good, with just right thickness which delivers a nice bite to it. And it’s not your average pan mee as they cut them in long strips (a few strips of the flour noodle will fill up your bowl in no time!)


We couldn’t just leave the place without trying at least one of their side orders, hence we opted for pandan chicken (RM 4.50 per piece). The size was quite large, but a little greasy. The meat were juicy and well marinated but lacks the pandan fragrance.


Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee
28, Jalan Seri Sentosa 9A/133,
Taman Sri Sentosa, Bt 6 1/2,
off Jln Klang Lama, 58000 KL.

Tel: 016-288 3911 (Jesmond/Molly).
Click here for map.

*stay tune for second part…

Floggers who made their major appearance:

19 thoughts on “Prologue: Precious Pea’s Breakfast Excursion – Kung Fu Pan Mee

  1. Hahaha, angkat tangan method makes me laugh out loud. Yeah, when there’re loads of people, it’s actually very hard to order. Good way of resolving it. Sounds like primary school kids. 🙂

  2. yerrrr, how nice! i missed out such a nice outing. can’t join that day cz friends back from malacca that day and got dragged for movie. >___<

  3. Kung Fu pan mee? hehe. they show kung fu while making the pan mee? Sibu used to have a nice pan mee but the lady die years ago and since then, I can never find a nice pan mee in my hometown. The pan mee you post make me want to eat pan mee now.

  4. i went back there again the following week! hehehehe…and even tried the prawn mee a few shops down the road.

    yeah, i agree that the pan mee was really good. it takes lotsa “kung fu” to make such tender strands!

  5. J2kfm,
    Yep, beef part coming soon.

    Sugar Bean,
    It was an effective way!

    Ai Wei,
    There’s always next time 🙂

    Not sure why they call it this way, maybe it’s for the attraction. 🙂

    Yeah, SC said “Quick, take picture!”

    This one is in between those thin and thicker ones.

    Really!? How’s the prawn mee?

    Luckily the sifu didn’t throw chopsticks to us 😛
    Rest of the makan coming soon.

  6. well, I remember reading this somewhere… lol!!
    Anyway, I’d only been here once… except for the uniqueness of the kung fu ban mee (long strip)… everything was normal!!!

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