New Formosa, Revisit


It’s been 2 good ol’ years since I drop by New Formosa (read my first visit HERE), so when Daniel and CK asked me where to go for dinner, I suggested this place to them.


We love this simple dish of stir-fried bittergourd with salted egg, chopped chillies, spring onion and topped with a handful of crispy, fried whitebaits. We didn’t detect any presence of the salted egg yolks in the dish though, it appears that they only uses the egg white part but it was good nevertheless.


The carnivores need their meat, hence the spare ribs were ordered and cooked with sweet sour pineapple sauce. The sauce was slightly spicy and appetising, however the spare ribs were too tough to my liking. The two of them loved it though.


We were impressed with the Deep Fried Sesame Chicken as the batter was light, thin, not greasy and envelopes the juicy, piping hot chicken cutlets beneath. Lipsmackingly delicious and highly recommended.


Their Butter Eel was good during my previous visit, so I decided to order it again this time. The dish did not disappoint us; the eel were fresh and succulent. The presence of curry leaves lend a faint but aromatic curry flavour to the dish.


The guys wanted something light for dessert after the heavy, carnivorous meal so they opted for multi-flavoured mua chee (plain, coffee and pandan-flavoured). I was actually drooling over the deep fried yam with caramel (or was it malt?) but oh well, there’s always next time.

New Formosa Restaurant
46, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Business Hour: 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm.
Tel: 03-7875 1894, 03-7875 7478



19 thoughts on “New Formosa, Revisit

  1. Your 2007 review was comprehensive. But the food here looks clean-cut, healthy and most all yummy. I will look forward to my personal visit.

  2. Cumiciki,
    You know where to get some!

    Ai Wei,
    It was gooood.

    Hope you’ll enjoy as I did.

    That’s orr-nee. Some people say it’s a Teochew dessert.

    Yeah, I was thinking to order the Caramel Yam too. 😦 Maybe next time.

    Sugar Bean,
    Yes yes!

  3. yup, the almighty or nee ….. but the mua chee should be a sweet enough replacement.

    so thats the bitter gourd dish you mentioned. funny this coming from someone who doesnt like fu kwa …. 😉

  4. Unkaleong,
    Haha, I think she already seen it. :p

    I prefer the yam. That’s something really hard to find elsewhere. Well yeah, I don’t like fu kwa but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat it 😛

    Yay, another supporter of New Formosa!

  5. Hi Jason,





    Jeanie Lee
    019 3353 274

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