Phai Lin, Bandar Sri Damansara


Citygal texted me few weeks ago, asking whether I’m interested going for Thai food review at Bandar Sri Damansara. I agreed to it cos it’s been a while since I last had any Thai delicacies.

The restaurant is tucked in one corner inside Sri Damansara Club, which maybe misleading for some people who think that the restaurant is not open for public. In fact, the restaurant is open to the public, so you don’t need to be a member of the club to enter the club’s compound.

As the meal were being prepared, we were quickly being introduced to Rachel, William and the rest of the group who made it to the dinner.


The appetizer, being deep fried spring rolls arrived first (RM 8 for small, 13 for large). They were pretty normal stuff with yambean (sengkuang) filling but I think the skin was a bit too hard.


The Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns (RM 15 for small, 22 for large) arrived with its full glory. They uses medium-sized prawns for the dish, which are really fresh, springy and sweet. The glass noodle absorbed most of the essence from the prawns, surprisingly not soggy nor too dry (else they will clump together) and has a nice bite to it.


The deep fried garoupa (RM 35) presented in a very Chinese-like style, with the sweet sour sauce poured all over the fish. Again, the skin of the fish was rather hard but still crispy and the flesh were firm and fresh. We mopped the sauce clean with the fish and rice too!


CK enjoyed the Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Thai Herbs (RM 12 for small, 18 for large). I have to agree with him; the wings were fried to perfection, which retain the succulent, juicy meat and yet, the skin was crispy. The combination of sweet basil leaves, chopped lemongrass, garlic and dried chillies infused the dish with an aromatic, drool-inducing fragrance.


Tomyam soup is a must when having Thai meal (RM 18 for small, 28 for large). Phai Lin did a good job in delivering the authentic taste of Tomyam; spicy, sour, not too thick and slightly sweet from the seafood.


Other than the Stir-fried Mixed Vegetable (RM 11 for small, 17 for large), we also had my favourite Mango Salad (RM 9.50 for small, 15 for large). The shredded young mangoes were just nice, not too sour and mixed with peanuts, chopped cili padi, some dried chillies, julienned carrot, onion, lime juice and a dash of fish sauce.


When we thought the dinner has come to an end, we were surprised when the waiter placed this Raw Prawn Salad (RM 12 for small, 22 for large) on the table. While most of us were rather skeptical to devour it (especially me since I don’t take sashimi), William, Simon and yours truly decided to give it a try. Eaten together with garlic and grinded mint leaves, the prawns were again, really fresh but the more I munch on it, the more stuff seem to be filling up my mouth which prompt me to swallow it as soon as possible. Maybe I’m still not used to raw seafood.

Although there are some hit and misses, it does satisfy my craving on Thai food for the meantime. Kudos to the proprietor and chefs on the effort to maintain the authentic Thai flavour and quality in their food and doesn’t tweak much of the properties to suit local taste. If you’re within the vicinity, do give Phai Lin a try.


Phai Lin Thai & Chinese Restaurant
Sri Damansara Club Berhad,
Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.


Read about Simon, William and WorldWindow’s opinion here, here and here.

12 thoughts on “Phai Lin, Bandar Sri Damansara

  1. J2Kfm & Precious Pea,
    Not really geli lah. I was thinking the same thing at first too but it was wet, crunchy and kinda tasteless. The mint and garlic provided some flavour to the prawns. But frankly, I dont think I will eat it again (I’m not a fan of raw seafood!)

    Remember to bring more people along as the portions are quite big even for small portion.

  2. ah! They serve raw prawn sashimi! No restaurant in Penang serves this and they don’t dare to serve oso lol. The only time I had raw grass prawn was at Bali Seafood (on my request) and they were overgrown prawns 😛

    Small size thai grass prawns are favoured for the dish. Grass prawns can be sweet if they are really fresh. It would taste better by dipping it into a sauce (mixture of soya sauce, a few dash of fish sauce, minced garlic, chili padi & a squirt of lime) 😀

  3. Thai restaurants in Clubs certainly does not sound so fantastic !

    Especially with all those family groups talking about their graduate sons and daughters now working in CIMB , Gamuda and etc…

    For us at least Thai girls is a must followed by cili padi green and blood red !

    But thats us
    LO L !

  4. Chin,
    Yeah, hope they’ll do well (or else, better!).

    Er… I don’t think I’ll be as daring as this next time hehe.

    Girl, your description makes me feel like having the raw prawns again! How???

    Now that you mention it… yeah hor, where’s the dessert??

    It’s quite hidden. Look for the massage/foot reflexology centre and you’ll see the neon signboard.

    LOL! I guess you’re right about the family groups chat about family matters haha!

    Wanna try? Come, I give you courage. :p

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