A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 4

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It was our last day in Guang Zhou. Since we can’t wander far from our hostel as we need to check out at 12pm (flight was at around 7 though), we decided to drop by Shamian Island again to have a better look of the architectures and as well as the locals’ morning activities. We saw plenty of senior citizens exercising, doing yoga, cycling and playing badminton. CK remembered about the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes but it was closed, so we couldn’t visit the historical structure which was build by the French in 1892.

After stopping by Starbucks for breakfast, we went back to pack up and dragged our luggages (and feet) to Teem Plaza which is located at Tianhe area. Our initial plan was to walk a bit and perhaps some last minute shopping (finally see some branded stuff like AX in Guang Zhou!), then hop over to the next nearest mall but then we spent too long in the CD shop… and it was already quite late when we’re done, so we cancel the initial plan and hunt for lunch in Teem Plaza instead.

On the top floor where all eateries are concentrated at, we spotted this place called Good View Cafe giving out discount (can’t remember exactly how much but it was pretty high) after 2pm, so we actually waited there till 2pm!


The siu mai (15 Yuan) were juicy and meaty; egg tarts (12 Yuan) were flaky with melt-in-the mouth crust and wobbly custard but a tad small in size; rice rolls were too soft to handle the chunky filling and pretty normal to us (12 Yuan). Char siu sou (char siu puff, 10 Yuan) were pretty good with piping hot filling; Sam Si fried noodles (12 Yuan) were rather normal chives, beansprouts, luncheon meat and egg; char siu chan bao (10 Yuan) was excellent, similar like the char siu sou but it’s the fluffy bun paired with the sweet and hot char siu filling that we like and finally, durian crepe (18 Yuan) that packs a punch for dessert! The crepe was stuffed to the brim with pungent and fresh durian flesh… really, really good stuff.


With a stuffed tummy, we headed to the airport, queued up to check-in, wander around, went to the washroom few times (the food were digested by this time), just to found out that our flight delayed for 40 minutes. So, we repeated the processes above few more times.

So, that eventually marked the end of our first China trip. We love the food and public transport (Metro, not the bus!) but not the dusty environment. But we’ll be back again, in August, that’s it. This time to Guilin! 😉

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13 thoughts on “A Taste of Guang Zhou, Day 4

  1. Yummy dim sum. love them

    agree agree. love their METRO a lot but not the bus and not the environment.

    looking forward ur coming post on ur coming trip to guilin. that must be super fun

  2. cUMIcIKI,
    Go then!

    Ai Wei,
    Yummy indeed. Gonna have more in Guilin 🙂

    Precious Pea,
    LOL! We didn’t unload in the airport toilet lah, just went for small task. :p

  3. SC,
    Thanks to (or blame) AirAsia! 😛

    Little Inbox,
    Pretty much. If only we could find such delectable dim sum in KL.

    LOL. Let us start with local makan first, shall we?

    I hope the pollution there isn’t as bad as GZ.

    You’re welcome!

    Yeah-la. Lunch was at 2. Flight was at 8 something + 40 mins delay, became 9pm++.

  4. Durian Crepe all the way in China! Hahahaha they put our local dim sum restaurant to shame. With so much durian in abundance (especially now) I didn’t even hear anyone coming up with durian pancakes and other durian based cakes or desserts.

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